B2B Marketers Lick their Chops at SMB Forecasts

Small Businesses Expect a Big Year in 2014 eMarketerRocket Lawyer’s recent “December 2013 Semi-Annual Small Business Survey” has not only rekindled confidence and optimism among small business owners nationwide, the biannually-gathered data has left B2B marketers and companies licking their chops. eMarketer provided a breakdown of the rose-colored forecast for 2014 small business growth:

    •  55% of businesses saw growth last year
    • 10% “boomed” by achieving more growth than expected
    • A whopping 81% of small businesses expect to outperform their 2013 results (Tweet This!)

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Not just hopes and wishes, this declared enthusiasm is grounded in practical objectives. Increasing brand awareness and marketing efforts is leading the way in small business goals for 2014. 41% of survey respondents indicated this will be their primary focus for 2014 (Tweet This Stat!). Additional areas of growth included the following:

  • Over 1 in 4 are primarily focused on attaining funding
  • 13.1% aim to develop and produce new products or services
  • Hiring new employees remains a priority for 6.3% of respondents
  • 2.1% intend to expand business internationally and the remaining 11% cited other goals

So small business owners are gaining financial and developmental momentum with a hopeful year ahead of them, but how does small business optimism translate into B2B success in sales? Whether you’re a smaller B2B company offering specialty products or a larger enterprise with an authority in financing, online marketing services or recruiting, small businesses are turning to companies of varying sizes to supply them with the necessities they require to achieve their anticipated goals. Over 30 million buyers from small-to-medium businesses relied on Business.com in 2013 to discover, compare, and purchase the products and services they need to run and grow their businesses- and just like those optimistic small businesses, we’re expecting to see an exponential growth this year too.

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Make sure you’ve developed a solidified 2014 marketing strategy to effectively reach these motivated small-to-medium sized businesses. Content marketing and automation needs to be optimized more than ever this year. Already having stated their new year’s resolutions, these SMB buyers have commenced the search for companies to purchase from. With this in mind, be sure to attract the right audience to your site, supplying relevant content to fuel their research, and immediately reengaging them. While they’re processing your information, supply them with a lead form or contact information, verify the lead and you’ll have an optimistic sales-ready lead in your hand- one that’s excited for the 2014 opportunities that await them.

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Ashtyn studied Business and Psychology at the University of California, San Diego developing her passions for research and writing. She went on to pursue work in Ad Operations and Social Media for both small and medium-sized businesses. When she doesn’t have her nose in a book or computer screen, you can find her surfing.

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