What B2B Marketing Can Learn from B2C

Business.com recently partnered with Enquiro for the 30-minute webinar, “What B2B Marketing Can Learn from B2C.”

The webinar debunked the commonly held misconception that separate approaches are required for B2B and B2C online marketing.  It also challenged B2B marketers to focus on similarities between the two and leverage parallels to boost their business.

During this webinar, we shared how to successfully use social media and branding in B2B online marketing, and Enquiro’s EVP of Business Development, Bill Barnes, provided insight on how B2B marketers can draw on parallels from the complex B2C purchase cycle to influence B2B marketing tactics.

Additional highlights include:

  • A startling finding that B2B marketers reportedly utilize more social media than their B2C counterparts but spend less time on it. To learn more about how professionals are using social media for B2B, download Business.com’s B2B Social Media Benchmarking Study.
  • Realizing that branding isn’t just for B2C marketing; B2B branding can improve Web traffic and increase conversion rates.
  • Understanding the parallels between the B2B and complex B2C purchasing processes so B2B marketers can uncover hidden opportunities to gain a competitive edge.

To access the on-demand version of  “What B2B Marketing Can Learn from B2C,” click here.

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