Video: How Digital Marketers Can Reach More Buyers

3 Shifts in Digital MarketingRight now in digital media, there are three specific trends changing the way marketers must play today. These are:

  1. Shift from Interest-Based Media to Intention-Based Media: 70% of buyers are relying more on content than they did a year ago for purchase decisions. As a marketer, you can track these interactions (content downloads, video plays, etc.) to capture intention instead of interest and target based off the way buyers engage. (Tweet this!)
  2. Shift from Brand Advertising to Branded Performance Marketing: In B2B, marketing is under extreme pressure to demonstrate effectiveness. Marketers need to focus on how to tell their brand story in ways that solve customers’ problems and drives performance.
  3. Shift from Ad Networks to Branded Destination + Curated Networks: Ad networks and data providers have become a commodities providing traffic from unbranded sources and in some cases questionable quality. Niche’ sites may have reasonable quality but lack the scale to drive performance marketing. B2B marketers are starting to demand both high quality and performance. We believe a high quality, branded destination combined with a carefully curated network is the answer.

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In this one-minute video, we explain these changes in digital marketing and how marketers must start leveraging content and their data to reach buyers no matter what purchasing stage they are in.

So get your content marketing in gear, shift up your collection of data and accelerate spend on branded destinations like instead of low quality ad networks.

Morgan Quinn

Morgan Quinn

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Morgan is an experienced content marketer and social media strategist. She has managed content marketing and social media for companies like and, where she currently serves as Content Manager.

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