A Bright Outlook for Landing Page Optimization

landing page optimizationLanding pages are a key focus for many marketers. This could be where a user lands during their first time on your website or it could be the place where they are engaging with your business for the first time. Even if it’s not, landing pages are often designed with engagement and conversions in mind, whether your business is looking to drive subscribers, leads or webinar sign-ups. Landing pages can be a determining factor in whether or not a marketing campaign is successful and in order to develop a successful landing page, there are a few things your business must do. A recent Ascend2 report took a look at what makes a landing page strategy superior. Here’s what they found and what you can take away.

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What’s A Superior Strategy?

In the Ascend2 study, those who deemed their landing page optimization (LPO) strategies as successful in achieving important objectives are considered to have a “superior strategy,” while those who consider their strategies to be unsuccessful are referred to as having an “inferior strategy.” What you may be wondering is what really differentiates these two. There are a number of differences between these two groups that stood out in the report. They are:

  • The extent to which they test landing page elements (A/B or multivariate) for optimization. 32% of those with a superior strategy conduct extensive testing, while none of those with an inferior strategy do so (Tweet this stat!).
  • The importance placed on lead segmentation. 19% of those with a superior strategy are focused on improving lead segmentation for campaign targeting in the next year, compared with only 9% of those with an inferior strategy (Tweet this stat!).
  • Knowledge of LPO best practices. 52% of those with inferior strategies cite lack of knowledge about LPO best practices as their most challenging obstacle, compared to only 19% of those with a superior strategy (Tweet this stat!).

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Developing a Superior Strategy

Let’s take a look at the third bullet above. Lack of knowledge for landing page optimization best practices is a major obstacle for those with poor landing page strategies and nearly one-fifth of tho

se with a superior strategy. Optimizing a landing page requires testing and a repeatable system will streamline both these processes to make your efforts here more efficient.

  • Test the right landing page elements with either A/B testing or multivariate testing. Your call to action, headline, layout and registration form are the top four factors you should be continuously testing.
  • Align your traffic source and landing page message. Customers want a continuous experience, no matter where they are online. If you’re working with a lead generation company or driving traffic from social networks, keep the message consistent.
  • Simplify your design. Avoid the clutter than turn customers away from what you ultimately want them to do when they arrive to your landing page. Get to the point and use colors that bring attention to your call to action. Use easy-to-edit landing page templates to make things even easier.
  • Focus on the metrics that matter. These will vary depending on what you’re trying to achieve, but looking at conversion rate, click-through rate and cost-per-conversion are great places to start. If you’re looking to engage with and keep users on site, you may find bounce rate and time spent on the page more valuable.

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Developing a superior strategy requires some testing, research and analysis. Identify what your strengths and weaknesses are, what opportunities are available and what obstacles your business needs to overcome. Understanding what LPO tactics lead to a superior strategy, e.g. a simplified design and a repeatable testing/optimization process, and what opportunities there are for your business can lead to a more refined optimization strategy.

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