B2B Blog Roundup: The Shifts and Tools of Content Marketing and Lead Engagement

B2B Blog Post Round-upThe B2B sector continues to shift marketing spend from traditional to digital (38.7% devotes at least 30% of their budget on digital, up 30% from 2013) and digital content continues to matter. 3 out of 4 marketers are investing more in it. This is good news for me in that I have job security; bad news in that the playing field is no longer the same. The bar has been raised and will continue to be.

1) 70% are relying more on content now than they did a year ago 2) Marketers first need to define a strategy for content and then one for the actual distribution of that content and 3) Collecting email only through registration for content isn’t enough. This quarter’s article highlights:

3 Big Shifts in B2B Marketing InfographicThere are three shifts we are seeing today in B2B marketing and we broke them down in one easy-to-read digestible infographic: 3 Big Shifts in B2B Marketing. The main points are that marketers should target based off digital body language, brand matters along with performance, and ad networks can no longer succeed on their own.


great-content-01Developing a Content Marketing Strategy…That Actually Works

This topic is no surprise to anyone. The article provides insight and checkmarks to put on your list when thinking about your content needs, whether you represent a brand, or an agency that represents many brands.


From social plugins on your site to paid syndication via a 3rd party software, this guide provides helpful tools for marketers to consider when thinking about how to get their content in the hands of their audience. How do you motivate your employees to share your content? Have you made it hard or easy for your visitors to share? The goal here is to help get you started thinking through content distribution (while giving you a few bones to chew on): 10 Essential Content Distribution Tools 

From Lead Generation to Lead EngagementFrom Lead Generation to Lead Engagement

This next story makes a very valid and compelling point. Simply acquiring a lead isn’t enough for marketers anymore. Marketers need firmographic data more than ever in order to tailor the right messages to the right audience at the right time. Here’s some good points and a step-by-step guideline how to shift your company to once centered around engagement.


“An unbranded lead is a commodity with limited if any real value.”


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Betsy Scuteri is the Sr. Director of Marketing at Business.com where she oversees traffic acquisition and audience marketing. She writes on topics including digital marketing, management and leadership, lead generation, content marketing, email marketing and corporate branding.

Prior to Business.com, Betsy led corporate and digital marketing strategy for a number of brands in the entertainment, telecom, education and consumer industries. She served as a publicist for Miramax and Columbia Pictures early in her career and even dabbled in radio broadcasting at Clear Channel. In her spare time, she likes to create photography apps and chase her 2-year-old around.

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