B2B Companies Should Review Best Practices, Especially in Light of Penguin

If your B2B company has not been raking in the revenue you would like, now might be a great time to review your SEO practices, especially in light of the Penguin algorithm update.

The bottom line is your Web site needs to generate a steady flow of traffic in order to keep business coming in and expanding those efforts to potential new customers. As you may or may not know, your site and your full online presence must be properly optimized in order to achieve the best results via search engines, most notably Google.

If you have not recently reviewed your online optimization efforts, take the time to do so now. Among the things you will want to make sure you are doing:

  • Make sure your white papers/guides are optimized – By sharing your documents that are engaging and informative, you increase the awareness of what products and services your business offers. Optimization should also be a priority with imagery in order to have them crawled. You also build inbound links to raise your SEO, along with moving traffic to your site;
  • Put together SEO-friendly press releases – Informative press releases that are properly distributed will show up in Google News, giving you a good outlet to get your company’s information in front of many eyes;
  • Google place listing – When you have a finalized Google place listing, you will find that it is easier for your customers to locate you. Be sure to items like images, important contact information, deals and promotions, along with a solid description of what the company offers;
  • Utilize anchor text – It is important to have your anchor text strategically placed in order to insert a hyperlink behind a focused keyword that you want to stand out;
  • Utilize no-follow links – According to Google, a Web site that has links directed viewed by the search engine giant as being highly concentrated in spam can impact both the reputation and ranking of your own site. In order to battle link spam, utilize the no-follow link command. When it is turned on, a search engine crawler does not follow the link, while your site will not be penalized for direction to a spam locale;
  • Make sure your inbound links are beneficial – One of the best ways to gain positive attention from Google’s rankings is by making sure you have a large number of links from high-quality sites. The best way to go about this is by finding quality bloggers within your industry and swapping links with them;
  • Content rules – At the end of the day, quality and engaging content does make a difference. You want material that serves the needs of your current and potential customers (write with them in mind), with content that is original and provides focused keywords.

The Penguin Surfaces

As for the recent emergence of the Penguin algorithm, the numbers are in to show what kind of impact it has had to date.

Google reports the Penguin update impacted 12 percent of all searches, only affecting approximately 3.1 percent of all searches done in English.

For those that were still trying to understand Panda and had yet to focus on Penguin, this latest algorithm penalized those sites applying keyword stuffing and unusual linking patterns, among which would be anchor text links for targeted keywords not directly related to content on a page.

In order to better your ranking situation if you were left out in the cold by Penguin, there are some things you can do. They include:

  • Fess up to your site being punished and then correct the matter, be it cleaning up bad links and/or rewriting and providing fresher content;
  • Resubmit the improved content to get Google’s blessing;
  • Going forward, only utilize ethical SEO tactics;
  • Always be prepared for another Google algorithm procedure, meaning review your site from time to time to make sure your content is what it needs to be, along with fixing any linking issues.

How often does your business review its SEO best practices, and have you seen a hit recently on your site due to Penguin?

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Dave Thomas writes about B2B marketing insights and trends. When he isn’t writing, you can find him on Twitter or watching sports.

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