How B2B Marketers Can Rise to the Challenges of Lead Generation

Lead generation continues to challenge B2B marketers.

For B2B marketers and sales reps, generating leads is often the first step toward converting shoppers into purchasers. In truth, these two departments really need to be on the same page if either is going to succeed in creating opportunities.

Generating Leads Gives Marketers More Trouble than Expected

​BtoB Magazine highlighted the growing evidence of businesses depending on lead generation to help their marketing campaigns. According to the study “2013 Lead Generation: Optimum Techniques for Managing Lead Generation Campaigns,” more than 70 percent of marketers responded they had modest investments in lead generation.

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The truth is not enough organizations have fully developed their strategies. Only 55 percent of B2B marketers said their lead-generation tactics were even moderately effective.

This is especially important when businesses interact with one another to make use of products and services. According to our “Small Business Pulse Report: 2013 Lead Generation Insights,” we found the purchasing timeline for clients had grown to 5.4 months during 2012.

How You Can Respond
One takeaway from this study is the fact that business partners are taking their time to deliberate over their purchases and require a significant effort on the part of the marketing team to guide them toward conversion. Another idea to take from this information is businesses need to be exceedingly persuasive to make sure their client sees them as the premier thought leader for their particular industry or niche market.

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  • One way to make yourself stand out as the go-to source of information is by creating white papers. Because of the general scope and depth of knowledge required to develop an effective white paper, these lead-generating devices are ideal to earn the trust of enterprises interested in partnering with an irrefutably knowledgeable organization. In fact, our small-business study indicated more than 25 percent of the 500 companies surveyed stated they regarded leads generated from white papers to be one of the most valuable ways to generate leads. If the ultimate goal is to increase revenue streams – as was reported by 38 percent of respondents in the BtoB study – then companies must make a strong case for their product or service.
  • Consequently, demonstrations can be a potent choice for many organizations.Instead of depending on words to make your case, product demos allow action to speak volumes. Accordingly, 47 percent of marketers described this resource as very or extremely effective. At this point, marketers and sales reps can work off each other to provide clients with information and expertise that can foster leads to ultimately generate profits.

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