BtoBOnline Sits Down with CEO, Tony Uphoff

Last month, Tony Uphoff, the new CEO of, sat down with Media Business during the Online Marketing Summit in San Diego to discuss his plans for, a site that helps companies research and buy business products and services. Key takeaways from his interview include a new site and design, a focus on social, mobile, and local and small-to-medium businesses.


A New Site, Interface and Content is getting ready to roll out a new site,design, functional user interface, and content enhancements. “We’re expanding our suite of performance marketing products. We have hired a whole new design team, including a Ph.D. in human/computer interaction that’s really changing the way we think about how the audience interacts with content in the digital format and how they engage with it in particular; and then how do we match that to the advertising and marketing side of the business.”

A New Focus on SoLoMo

According to Uphoff, when it comes to mobile, it’s about understanding what the audience experience is. “What are they looking for, how do we want to set and structure the types of content that we have and also the way the buyer interacts with the seller. On the social side of things, beyond just inserting the social layer, which we’ve done, and being able to pass content around, what we’re going to start to step into [are] sustained communities.” As moves forward over the next year, we will really advance our understanding of social, local and mobile use for both advertiser and customer engagement and optimization.

A New Demo: SMBs serves over 20 million buyers within small-to-medium enterprises. These growth companies use the site to help them make the decisions around the products and services they need to run and grow their businesses. As Uphoff notes, “Clearly the peer-to-peer is essential for them. That’s really important, so that they can understand what like companies are doing, how they’re looking at products and services. So there’s a huge opportunity for us to step into that. On the local front, if I’m running a business here in San Diego or in New York or in Chicago, invariably what I want to be able to do is to connect with people who are doing similar things that I’m doing.” helps business decision makers research, compare and purchase business products and services to make their company more successful. In this interview, Tony Uphoff explains the focus for on making these processes easier and more efficient. With a new design and a focus on enhancing the customer and advertiser experiences, it’s easy to say you can expect big things from the new

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