14 Resources to Reference When Writing a Blog Post

14 Resources for BloggersA few months ago, we discussed the two  fundamentals of every successful B2B content marketing strategy: creation and distribution. (Tweet This).

While this two-step process applies to any content format – white papers, eBooks, reports, video, and infographics – we’re most familiar with it for daily or weekly blog posts. Create a good blog post, then distribute it. Repeat Monday through Friday. Read the full entry

4 Easy Ways to Find Out if Your Blog is Failing

4 Ways to Find Out if Your Blog is FailingYou’ve crafted your blog strategy, painstakingly laid out an editorial calendar, and spent countless hours (and perhaps precious cash) creating blog posts for your business.  How do you know if your effort is paying off?

Determining whether your blog strategy is failing or succeeding can be achieved with a few simple steps. Read the full entry

3 Words That Will Instantly Boost Call-to-Action Conversion Rates

how to optimize call to action copyAs content marketers, it’s no doubt you labor and toil over perfecting pieces of content. Financial resources and hours of mental exertion are poured into the brainstorming, writing, editing, designing, finalizing and distributing your message to potential buyers. But all this expended effort is at risk of going to complete waste if it fails to convert. No matter the conversion you’re looking for, the most powerful element of persuasion is centered on the punch line of your marketing story: the call-to-action. Read the full entry

Behind the Form: Should Content Be Gated?

should content be gated?Content marketers seem to have a tit-for-tat mentality. I’ll give you this alluring piece of content that is really useful to your buying process IF you give me your contact information for further use.

 We allocate a significant proportion of our marketing budgets to craft engaging pieces of content only to lock it behind a lead form. Read the full entry

The B2B Content Marketer’s Holiday Gift Guide

b2b content marketer holiday gift guideThey’re everywhere. Holiday gift guides are now spread across the digital space, obviously trying to persuade clueless shoppers into buying their products. Grouping products to fit a “consumer persona”, these holiday gift guides help people find the perfect special something for a specific personality based off their label as a man, woman, mom, dad, boyfriend, boss, etc.

We’ve created our own Holiday Gift Guide, but this one is for the beloved B2B content marketer. Read the full entry

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Content Perfection Syndrome

content marketing perfection syndomeThe benefits of search engine optimization are only successfully realized when companies can actually pull the trigger on delivering content. In too many circumstances, B2B marketers sit on content, hoping to catch lightning in a bottle. The marketing content automation provider TechValidate recently released a report conducted with B2B marketing professionals finding 42 percent of respondents took between two and five weeks to create each piece of content (Tweet This Stat!). What’s more, 13 percent said it took 10 weeks or more to create content. Read the full entry

Content Marketing With eBook 101

Content Marketing

There is a lot of talk lately about the best ways to market online. While it could be argued that your primary form of direct engagement is now going to rely on social media, that doesn’t mean the classics aren’t still very important. In fact, one of the most crucial forms of marketing is going to come from what it always has: content. Read the full entry

Why B2B Marketers Should Incorporate Video Content to the Mix

Cat videos are not the wave of the future, but in 2011, it set the stage for all those in marketing.

The message: produce content that is digestible (and in this case, hilarious), and even if it is completely satirical, you will end up with 2.1 million views.

Content continues to evolve, and more marketers are becoming reliant on imagery and video in their content efforts as a means for generating traffic, engagement, and leads. Read the full entry

How (and Why) B2B Buyers Begin the Purchase Process

b2b marketingWhile marketers may be all talks about nurturing leads down the funnel and using content to convert a prospect into a customer, one topic that isn’t as widely discussed as it should be is why B2B (business-to-business) buyers begin looking for to make a new purchase in the first place. While new technological advancements and the shifting needs of customers are often good indicators that a purchase is in the near future, there are other goals business buyers have in mind when beginning the buying cycle. So what exactly prompts a new business purchase? Read the full entry

How B2B Buyers Seek Information and How You Can Fill the Void

buyer behaviorIn the many stages of the purchase process, from discovery of a need to learning about the products and services that meet that need to the eventual purchase, buyers are seeking out the information that can help them reach a decision. In today’s hyper-connected and digital world, it’s likely the buyer you’re trying to reach has already done a considerable amount of research on their own and has some understanding of what it is they’re looking for and where they can find that information. Are you aware of what they’re looking for and where to deliver it? If not, keep reading. Read the full entry