Top 7 SMB Markets To Watch In 2014 Small Business Pulse: 7 SMB Purchasing TrendsWe have good news to report! Small businesses are still purchasing and B2B marketers are investing more marketing dollars than ever in an attempt to reach and retain this ever-important demographic. According to a new study from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and Penton, 2 out of 3 business-to-business marketers are investing more in engaging small to medium-sized business (SMB) customers over the next 12 to 36 months. 60 percent  of these businesses plan to spend up to 40 percent of overall marketing resources on SMB campaigns (Tweet This!) Read the full entry

3 Words That Will Instantly Boost Call-to-Action Conversion Rates

how to optimize call to action copyAs content marketers, it’s no doubt you labor and toil over perfecting pieces of content. Financial resources and hours of mental exertion are poured into the brainstorming, writing, editing, designing, finalizing and distributing your message to potential buyers. But all this expended effort is at risk of going to complete waste if it fails to convert. No matter the conversion you’re looking for, the most powerful element of persuasion is centered on the punch line of your marketing story: the call-to-action. Read the full entry

Behind the Form: Should Content Be Gated?

should content be gated?Content marketers seem to have a tit-for-tat mentality. I’ll give you this alluring piece of content that is really useful to your buying process IF you give me your contact information for further use.

 We allocate a significant proportion of our marketing budgets to craft engaging pieces of content only to lock it behind a lead form. Read the full entry

B2B Marketers Lick their Chops at SMB Forecasts

Small Businesses Expect a Big Year in 2014 eMarketerRocket Lawyer’s recent “December 2013 Semi-Annual Small Business Survey” has not only rekindled confidence and optimism among small business owners nationwide, the biannually-gathered data has left B2B marketers and companies licking their chops. eMarketer provided a breakdown of the rose-colored forecast for 2014 small business growth:

  •  55% of businesses saw growth last year
  • 10% “boomed” by achieving more growth than expected
  • A whopping 81% of small businesses expect to outperform their 2013 results (Tweet This!)

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Are You Increasingly Saying “We Have a Sales Problem”? 5 Tips for Selling in the Digital World

Any of these comments sound familiar?

  • “Our sales rsales in a digital worldeps just aren’t making enough calls”
  • “They don’t prospect enough”
  • “Our sales reps aren’t strategic enough”
  • “We need solution-sellers and we have transactional sellers”
  • “We’re just filling demand, we’re not creating demand”
  • “Our reps keep selling features we don’t have. Can’t they just sell what we offer?”

The world of sales is going through a radical transformation based on the impact of digital technology. Read the full entry

Hot Potato Leads: Tips For the Lead Generation Game

hot potato: tips for lead generation management“Hot Potato” is a popular children’s party game requiring the players to gather in a circle and pass along a small beanbag or baseball until the music ceases to play. As the music stops, whoever is holding the “hot potato” is out and the game continues until one player is left. Although widely amusing and adrenaline-inducing at parties, the same excitement turns to disappointment when B2B companies similarly fail to guide a potential lead into the next stage of the buyers journey and the hot potato lands in the hands of the wrong person when the music stops playing.

This hot potato phenomenon can occur when companies are inefficiently trying to generate leads. With the growth of the internet and the immediate availability of information, an SMB buyer now has the power to research, discover, and arrive directly in the palm of your hand. Your job now is to do something with this hot potato. Read the full entry

How B2B Marketers Can Rise to the Challenges of Lead Generation

Lead generation continues to challenge B2B marketers.

For B2B marketers and sales reps, generating leads is often the first step toward converting shoppers into purchasers. In truth, these two departments really need to be on the same page if either is going to succeed in creating opportunities.

Generating Leads Gives Marketers More Trouble than Expected

​BtoB Magazine highlighted the growing evidence of businesses depending on lead generation to help their marketing campaigns. According to the study “2013 Lead Generation: Optimum Techniques for Managing Lead Generation Campaigns,” more than 70 percent of marketers responded they had modest investments in lead generation.
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How (and Why) B2B Buyers Begin the Purchase Process

b2b marketingWhile marketers may be all talks about nurturing leads down the funnel and using content to convert a prospect into a customer, one topic that isn’t as widely discussed as it should be is why B2B (business-to-business) buyers begin looking for to make a new purchase in the first place. While new technological advancements and the shifting needs of customers are often good indicators that a purchase is in the near future, there are other goals business buyers have in mind when beginning the buying cycle. So what exactly prompts a new business purchase? Read the full entry

How B2B Buyers Seek Information and How You Can Fill the Void

buyer behaviorIn the many stages of the purchase process, from discovery of a need to learning about the products and services that meet that need to the eventual purchase, buyers are seeking out the information that can help them reach a decision. In today’s hyper-connected and digital world, it’s likely the buyer you’re trying to reach has already done a considerable amount of research on their own and has some understanding of what it is they’re looking for and where they can find that information. Are you aware of what they’re looking for and where to deliver it? If not, keep reading. Read the full entry

A Two-Step B2B Content Strategy: Creation and Distribution

contentLast week, CEO Tony Uphoff introduced’s Small Business Pulse, a monthly, data-driven analysis of key issues related to small-to-medium businesses. As he mentioned, over 100,000 small to medium-sized business leaders use to discover, learn about and purchase the resources, products and services they need to run and grow their businesses. To promote the new report, we’ve created new landing pages, sent out press releases, and are continuously looking for new ways to distribute the information to audience’s that will find it valuable. Creating content is the first step in a successful content marketing strategy. The next step is distribution. B2B (business-to-business) organizations can distribute their content, such as whitepapers and webinars in a number of ways. Read the full entry