Small Business Finds The Internet… It Only Took Two Decades [Survey]

Where would we be without the Internet? We’d still be using paper maps, calling restaurants to make reservations, listening to CDs and reading newspapers. And, like millions of other companies, wouldn’t be around.

Clearly, the Internet isn’t going anywhere, but it’s taken quite some time for the mom and pop shops of America to really get their heads (and wallets) around marketing on this juggernaut. Year over year, small business Internet marketing spend increases, and according to the SMB Internet Marketing Survey by BrightLocal and, 37% of these SMBs are planning to increase their spend on internet marketing yet again in 2015.

Internet Marketing Spend Increase Plans

Of the 736 SMBs surveyed, 29% allocate more than 70% of their marketing budget to online channels. This stat alone is an indication that Internet marketing has become of increasing importance to the local businesses of America as technology and opportunities improve. In fact, since 2013, “there has been a 16% rise in SMBs that plan to increase their Internet marketing spend over the next 12 months.” Read the full entry

19 Pieces of Great Marketing Advice from the Pros

marketing advice illustrationThe work of a marketer is never done, but with a little advice from the experts, your marketing efforts can be more inspired, effective and engaging. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, these insightful tips from the pros will get you thinking about marketing in a different way.

Here are 19 of our favorite words of wisdom from some of the great minds paving the way, especially in the digital landscape.

“The biggest titles don’t always have the biggest brains. Instead, go after key influencers.” Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist, Canva (Tweet This!)

“A story is at its best when it’s not intrusive, when it brings value to a platform’s consumers, and when it fits in as a natural step along the customer’s path to making a purchase.” Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO, Vayner Media Read the full entry

Digital Solutions for the B2B Marketer

video-playHigh-level decision makers are harder than ever to reach. And in today’s world, buyers do not contact suppliers directly until most of the purchase process is complete. So how do businesses get in front of buyers exactly when they’re evaluating products and services? And where are smart executives going to learn more about what the market has to offer them? 

Meet, the leading destination for executives in growing companies to acquire the knowledge, products and services they need to run their businesses. It’s our mission to provide a better experience for our users while delivering better performance for you, our advertisers. Say hello to Frank and our latest video on how our ad products work.

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10 Ways to Avoid False Negatives in Performance Marketing Campaigns

10 Ways to Avoid False-Negatives in Performance Marketing CampaignsMany beginner marketers launch new performance marketing campaigns without having the fundamentals in place.  In doing so, they run the risk of making bad decisions on the long-term potential of an online marketing campaign. This post explores one potential pitfall for marketers in this situation, which I call the “false negative.” Read the full entry

7 Ways to Maximize Your Website for Lead Engagement

7 Ways to Maximize Your Website For Lead EngagementBusinesses are focused on using their websites as a source of new customers.  47% of B2B buyers reported that the most likely way they find sales information was to go directly to a supplier website (Tweet This!). And because of this, companies have invested in site optimization to make sure they have user-focused content designed specifically to convert visitors into inbound sales leads.

Powerful content might include benefits of what you offer, use cases of your products & services, customer testimonials, and plenty of answers to the very-important question of “Why you?”. Read the full entry

3 Big Shifts in B2B Marketing: How Marketers Are Reacting [Infographic]

Are You Trending?

tech 360 conferenceTech marketers must constantly be adapting to the latest technologies and trends. More and more, B2B marketers are made to face the reality that our marketing is not so different from B2C marketing. And the reason is because the people we are marketing to are the same – human beings. They use the latest technology at the office to manage their business, as well as becoming experts at home on their own time. Many of the sessions and keynotes at the Tech Marketing 360 Conference in Dana Point, California last week focused on how tech marketers can use the rapidly changing tech world to their advantage. Read the full entry

3 Foundational Marketing Shifts and How B2B Marketers Can Benefit Marketing FunnelOver the last decade, digital technology has disrupted nearly every aspect of the media and marketing industries. This disruption is not over. We see several patterns emerging, however, that B2B marketers can harness to take advantage of the disruption of technology to drive smarter, more powerful marketing. Let’s start with the data. Read the full entry

B2B Marketing Budgets Lean Towards All Things Digital in 2014

b2b marketers are increasing their digital spend  in 2014In a recent post, we spoke of the rose-colored forecast for 2014 SMB growth that left B2B marketers licking their chops at potential opportunities. CMOs are enthusiastically devising viable marketing strategies while ideas are free-flowing throughout psyched marketing departments. Advertising Age’s 2014 BtoB’s Outlook:  Marketing Priorities and Planning survey attests to this optimism, shedding light on the increase in overall marketing budgets. Of the 364 B2B marketers surveyed,

  • 52.5% plan to increase their overall B2B marketing budget in 2014 and,
  • 36.4% of respondents plan to see an increase in budget greater than 10%

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B2B Marketing Wipeouts to Avoid: A Lesson From Big-Wave Surfing

Every year the surfing community gathers to honor those that battle and survive the heaviest blood-curling waves that would make a layperson soil themselves. The Billabong XXL Awards celebrate these dauntless big-wave surfers, but also showcase the year’s worst wipeouts and near-death experiences. Despite the countless hours these athletes devote in preparation to face gigantic mountains of seawater, little mistakes are still made that result in hefty consequences.

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