Top 5 Business Events to Attend in 2012

Successful business professionals of all types and kinds know that continuing their success into the future depends on staying ahead of the curve.

No matter your particular industry or niche, you most likely face very stiff competition; in a capitalist world that sees prominent new products and services launched on a daily basis, no amount of momentary success promises the same tomorrow.

Staying on top of your game means constantly moving towards new goals and utilizing new techniques and methods in getting your message out to the world. In the interest of keeping your mind sharp and your skills honed as you pursue your business interests, here are five fantastic business events to attend in 2012:


1. SES New York

SES New York

SES New York is the must-attend even for any business owner or marketer. Nowhere else will you find such a busy schedule and those great networking opportunities. More than 5,000 marketers visit the event each year!

Featuring high-profile keynote speakers, hands-on workshops and an overall goal of increasing sales via better utilization of digital strategies, businesspeople serious about their position and their company shouldn’t miss out.

Getting and living there:

2. Social Media Strategies Summit

Social Media Strategies Summit

The Chicago Social Media Strategies Conference will include awesome workshops, real-life case studies and high-profile keynotes. Each track includes sessions focused on the following categories: Community Engagement; Corporate Case Studies; ROI and tools; Legal Risks & Strategies; Sales Approach; and Marketing Strategies & Tactics.

The Social Medis Strategies Summit offers its attendees the opportunity to rub shoulders with the best in the business, building skills and learning new strategies via workshops, keynote speeches and peer-to-peer collaboration.

Getting and living there:

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3. CMS Expo

CMS Expo

No one ever dreams of shrinking their business but often the dream of growth is left behind in favor of tackling the problems of the moment, particularly in the difficult economic environment being experienced all over the world. If you’ve lost sight of your long term plans for expanding your business and making it more profitable, consider attending the 2012 CMS Expo!

Aimed at business owners and professionals looking for new business opportunities and new ideas to apply to existing markets, this gets together of branding and marketing professionals offers seminars, keynote speakers and networking opportunities all aimed at helping you to make 2012 your most profitable and successful year ever!

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4. Inbound Marketing Summit

Inbound Marketing Summit

Similar to the Online Marketing Summit but sporting an extra focus on mobile marketing alongside digital and social media efforts, the Inbound Marketing Summit is set to feature high-profile keynote speakers and representatives from companies offering real life case studies of the success gained from and challenges faced with marketing products and services to a modern and technologically savvy generation.

Getting and living there:

5. Business Startup Show

Business Startup Show

For businesspeople looking to get their latest startup off the ground is the Business Startup Show to be held in London, United Kingdom, later this year. The show’s events drew more than 18,000 people last year to hear from owners of successful ventures, meet and greet like-minded individuals in the interest of knowledge and opportunity and to be exposed to potential investors looking for the next big thing, and 2012 promises to be even better.

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About the Author: Ann Smarty is the business blogger and owner of My Blog Guest, the free community of guest bloggers.