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There is a lot of talk lately about the best ways to market online. While it could be argued that your primary form of direct engagement is now going to rely on social media, that doesn’t mean the classics aren’t still very important. In fact, one of the most crucial forms of marketing is going to come from what it always has: content.

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But content doesn’t just refer to just salescopy or blogging anymore. There has been a surge in the use of eBooks lately for content marketing. A clever use of a popular form of media, you can easily write an eBook and exploit its benefits for some serious visibility boosts. What’s even better is that it has more staying power than many other forms of online content that loses its effectiveness over time.

If you want to use eBooks for content marketing, there are some do’s and dont’s to follow:


eBook Content Marketing

  • Use multiple formats. People use different devices for reading eBooks. You don’t have to cover every one, but a couple of options are always appreciated by readers. You should have a PDF, ePub and MOBI version available, at the least. That will take care of the three primary viewing devices people will be using. Here are some of the most popular eBook formats.
  • Offer it for free. If you are an author who has written a fiction epic, you might not want to offer your work for nothing. But if you are a site or blog owner who wants to spread the word on your ideas, content or general manifesto, free is always best. However, that just means free in the terms of money. Ask people to pay for it with a Facebook like or Twitter tweet, and you will have an immediate link to social media marketing. MyBlogGuest newer feature is one of the available ways to market free Ebooks
  • Make it part of a wider series. Write other eBooks, create a web series, even start a webinar or educational course. All can link the first eBook and create a kind of program for people to follow. Not only is this a great method of sharing content and marketing, but it is essentially Branding 101. You will be building on that first release.
  • Look at what your aim is in the long run. Do you want to make a profit on your eBook? Or are you looking to generate exposure for yourself, a business or a site? If  looking for a profit, then you should be aiming to sell your eBook at increasing amounts over time. You can offer it for free on your site and Amazon to generate shares and reviews, then charge for it as time progresses at higher amounts. For exposure, you should always offer it free, as this is what will get more people to read it, and more quickly in the beginning.

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Content Marketing With eBook

  • Skimp on the details. Don’t cut out eBook details like the title, cover picture and description.. These might seem like really simple matters that aren’t worth much. But remember, your readers are going to get an immediate impression from these sources. The way it looks and sounds will determine whether or not they bother giving it a shot.
  • Fail to promote with various marketing methods. Yes, the eBook itself is a marketing method. But you have to promote the promotion or it won’t make any difference. Treat the eBook as a product, not a campaign. Make sure you utilize all the tools at your disposal to sell that product, including social media and affiliates.
  • Refuse to expand beyond your front door. Try making your book available on an international basis. This is fairly simple to do online, though it might mean translations. This can be an investment and shouldn’t be done too early on. It is more a concern for when the eBook has been successful in one region. But it should be an eventual avenue you explore. Start with countries that speak the same language as a primary tongue, and move on from there.
  • Forget that reviews are your friend. Not just on retail sites but on other blogs, as well. Find some related blogs, especially those you already have connections with. Offer a free copy in exchange for a post reviewing it.

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Do you have any tips for content marketing through eBooks? Let us know in the comments.

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