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video-playHigh-level decision makers are harder than ever to reach. And in today’s world, buyers do not contact suppliers directly until most of the purchase process is complete. So how do businesses get in front of buyers exactly when they’re evaluating products and services? And where are smart executives going to learn more about what the market has to offer them? 

Meet, the leading destination for executives in growing companies to acquire the knowledge, products and services they need to run their businesses. It’s our mission to provide a better experience for our users while delivering better performance for you, our advertisers. Say hello to Frank and our latest video on how our ad products work.

So, now you get it. But, how do Frank’s connect with the smart executives? Let us explain.

Bryan is a smart executive, aka the CTO for a growing health care company with 125 employees. Bryan knows he needs to update his technology infrastructure in order to scale and keep up in today’s market, but he needs a better understanding of cloud computing and the range of options available for companies like his.

Bryan visits where he finds smart, practical information, written by market experts, ranging from detailed white papers, comparison supplier charts, infographics, and videos, along with information-rich, contextual advertising on related products and services. While visiting, Bryan finds an informative article on cloud computing with a display ad for a cloud computing company he has never heard of. Over the next few days, Bryan notices the same company’s ads numerous times on various sites as he moves about the web.

The following week, he opens an email from to find a white paper from the same company. Since this brand is now becoming familiar, Bryan downloads the white paper to learn more. The white paper turns out to be very helpful and convinces Bryan that it’s time to engage directly with this cloud computing provider. Bryan really likes what this particular brand has to offer; however, he wants to get proposals from more than one company, so he places a price quote request on to see all of his options.

Within a few hours Bryan speaks to 3 different cloud computing companies and ultimately, purchases from the initial brand he saw on

Bryan’s story is just one example of how makes digital marketing easy for companies looking to reach, engage and sell to the lucrative growth company marketplace. Staying top of mind throughout your prospects purchasing process is crucial in today’s cluttered digital market. Our suite of digital marketing solutions help you engage prospects at the top of the funnel discovery phase, throughout the learning phase into the purchasing phase of their buying journey. Whether you’re looking to accelerate your brand awareness, demand generation, nurturing programs, sales ready leads, or complete end to end marketing solutions, is here to help you succeed.

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Kim Gloeckl

Kim Gloeckl

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I’ve been working in digital marketing for over 2 years and love the fast paced, ever changing environment that allows you to continuously grow as a professional. As the Category Manager, I ensure my team has the tools and information they need for success. I have a passion for project management and streamlining processes. Oh, and I might be a crazy cat lady…

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Digital Solutions for the B2B Marketer

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  1. Elisa A says:

    B2B digital marketers are always looking for great online marketing tool options. These days our clients are extra-conscious of privacy in online advertising, and avoiding tarnishing their brand reputation with “creepy” tactics. Can you perhaps highlight how your tools help address these concerns?

    Great blog! :)

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