Is Your Marketing Message Leading You to Prospects?

As a B2B marketer, how do you go about reaching out to business prospects?

Several recent surveys take a look at how marketers are going after prospects; along with what is showing to be successful and what is not.

In the “2012 Tech Marketing Barometer Study” from IDC, lead generation was viewed as a major B2B marketing priority for this year.

Among the respondents, bettering lead generation obtained the highest score (20.7), followed by putting together more brand awareness (16.2) and improving on marketing processes (13.9).

Marketers were also questioned on their performance on lead scoring, defined as the qualification of lead readiness when utilizing quantitative criteria.

Among the findings:

  • A mere 10 percent of tech marketers indicated they do not score leads;
  • One-third indicated they have begun to score leads, however it is not done consistently;
  • One-third reported they score leads frequently centered on different prospect interactions like opening email or looking at webcasts;
  • Sixteen percent stated they have scored leads consistently for more than 18 months, now being able to tie interactions to buyer intent;
  • Eight percent noted they have been scoring leads for a number of years focused on ideal customer knowledge and purchaser readiness.

Content Needs to Be Strong Focus of Reaching Out

Meantime, data from DemandGen Report indicates that marketers are in fact turning away prospects as a result of zeroing in on the wrong content too often.

The data noted that:

  • 88 percent of respondents say they have used white papers for business research in the last year, 73 percent have utilized webinars, while more than 50 percent have used Ebooks, blogs and podcasts;
  • White papers were rated as “most valuable” more often than any other format (56 percent of those that rated white papers);
  • White papers have the greatest spread between very valuable and minimal value. Respondents are five times more apt to indicate they are the most valuable (30 percent) than to state they are the least valuable (6 percent). On the other hand, the spread for ebooks, webcasts and podcasts is smaller than three times;
  • Close to half (47 percent) opt for text or narrative content formats, with just 33 percent preferring more visual content formats;
  • White papers ranked as the most likely format to be shared (70 percent), followed by case studies. Meantime, only 40 percent share webcasts.

The research indicates that providing one’s prospects a number of options is important, with the white paper getting prominent stature in their lead generation plans.

As we prepare to head into the second half of 2012 in another month or so, are you meeting your lead generation goals?

If not, have you been reviewing your content to see if it is off the mark?

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Dave Thomas writes about B2B marketing insights and trends. When he isn’t writing, you can find him on Twitter or watching sports.

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