Long Landing Pages: The Secret of the Scroll

ILong Landing Page SEOMozt’s all about the numbers: social followers, email subscribers, and conversions. Conversions: a keyword for marketers looking to validate their efforts. Landing pages play a role in the conversions rate and many marketers are well aware of the term “above the fold” when it comes to their design. Often times, businesses will include their key product or offering and a clear call-to-action in this section of their landing page. Some marketers are wary of longer pages due to more aggressive sales techniques. However, the “right” page length will vary from business to business so testing is a must. When it comes to your longer landing pages, analyze the way your users scroll and know your metrics before getting started.

Know Your Users and Your Metrics

What is it your audience is expecting when they come to your site? Is it a form, a blog post, a guide or something else? The cohesion of your link, anchor text and landing page all play a role in how likely someone it is to bounce, stay or scroll. Conduct usability tests to determine whether or not your users scroll. ClickTale, which gives scroll-reach heat maps, will provide you with insight into how far visitors scroll down on your page. A number of businesses and websites have seen greater success through longer landing pages. As examples, keep in mind that Amazon, BBC and the New York Times all feature longer pages. Before you write off long landing pages, consider these case studies:

  • According to a study from cxpartners, less content above the fold can actually encourage users to scroll farther down (Tweet this!).
  • Neil Patel of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics conducted a study on his own sites and found his longer landing page converted 7.6% better for NeilPatel.com and 30% better for Crazy Egg than a shorter variation and that the long form version of the page yielded higher-quality leads.
  • SEOmoz, which recently rebranded as Moz, saw a 52% lift in sales of SEOmoz’s PRO membership with a longer landing page (Tweet this!).

Before you get started with testing whether or not long landing pages will lead to greater conversions for your business, make sure you understand what actions are currently being taken by your audience when they visit your site and just what it is you plan to achieve with a landing page redesign. You need to be able to benchmark the longer landing page against something else to establish whether or not it’s more successful than your current one.

How To: Long and Lucrative Landing Pages

Now that you have an understanding of your current users’ actions, it’s time to get started with landing page optimization. Use a mouse move heat map and analytics tools to see what it is users are engaging with on your landing page. People often make fast decisions when they reach a landing page. Take into account your load time and visual design to make sure people don’t bounce within seconds. As you begin designing your longer landing pages, here are the secrets to getting buyers and visitors to scroll down for more.

  • Focus on the chain of actions. Through what source is a buyer coming to your landing page from? When they get to your page, are they getting the experience they are expecting?
  • Get a great headline. Showcase major clients or companies that rely on your business’ services or solutions and indicate the value visitors will gain just from reading the page. It’s all about the value to the viewer, so be sure to include this information out at the top of the page.
  • Create compelling content. The content you feature needs to be relevant to the person who would typically land on the page. Include great copy, images and videos whenever possible. Content is about engagement and these three things contribute to the engagement levels of your user.
  • Have clear calls to action. Don’t be afraid to explicitly urge readers to scroll down, either through text or an image. Just be sure your call to action includes a value proposition. What will this person get by scrolling – a coupon, best practices, or something else?
  • Add click-to-scroll functionality. Make your graphics clickable or link to target locations within the same page. The ability to jump to a certain section saves users time and can often provide you with direct data about what is encouraging engagement.

Longer landing pages aren’t the enemy. Boring ones are. The length of the highest performing landing page will vary from business to business, which is why it is crucial you measure your efforts. If you know your users and your users know they can scroll, with compelling and valuable reasons why they should, a longer landing page could mean greater success and conversions for your business.

Has your business tested longer landing pages? With what success?

Erica Bell

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Erica Bell is the Social Media Specialist and a B2B marketing and advertising writer at Business.com Media, Inc. Her favorite B2B marketing topics include marketing automation, lead generation, online advertising, social media and business-to-business content best practices.

Erica began her marketing career in college through internships at B2C companies and migrated to the B2B world following graduation. Outside of reading and writing about marketing and social media, she loves going to the beach, playing soccer and most other sports, and spending time with her dog, Moo.

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