Using Website Analytics to Understand Your Prospects

Web Analytics for B2B CompaniesAs small and medium-sized B2B businesses, we place an exorbitantly high value on each aspect of customer relations. And rightfully so! We understand, sometimes even more than larger firms, that our success is based not only on the product or service we provide, but the greater value we can offer. One way that we offer greater value is having a website that prospective customers love to use. Read the full entry

B2B Blog Roundup: The Shifts and Tools of Content Marketing and Lead Engagement

B2B Blog Post Round-upThe B2B sector continues to shift marketing spend from traditional to digital (38.7% devotes at least 30% of their budget on digital, up 30% from 2013) and digital content continues to matter. 3 out of 4 marketers are investing more in it. This is good news for me in that I have job security; bad news in that the playing field is no longer the same. The bar has been raised and will continue to be.

1) 70% are relying more on content now than they did a year ago 2) Marketers first need to define a strategy for content and then one for the actual distribution of that content and 3) Collecting email only through registration for content isn’t enough. This quarter’s article highlights:

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Developing a Content Marketing Strategy…That Actually Works

Developing a Content Marketing Strategy That Actually WorksCreating a content marketing strategy is easy. Creating one that actually manages to significantly increase visibility and promote engagement? That isn’t always quite so simple.

We live in an age where marketing is a given for anything from product based selling to personal blog promotion. Whole marketing campaigns exist to promote social media profiles, and influencers are literal commodities in their own rights. People trade off of their reputation in a way more direct than ever before. In short, it has made it harder to stand out. Read the full entry

10 Ways to Avoid False Negatives in Performance Marketing Campaigns

10 Ways to Avoid False-Negatives in Performance Marketing CampaignsMany beginner marketers launch new performance marketing campaigns without having the fundamentals in place.  In doing so, they run the risk of making bad decisions on the long-term potential of an online marketing campaign. This post explores one potential pitfall for marketers in this situation, which I call the “false negative.” Read the full entry

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation – Avoid the Heartburn and Re-Engage Your Audience

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation - Avoid the Heartburn and Re-Engage Your AudienceAs most of you have heard, Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) is taking effect on July 1, 2014, affecting all email marketers with an audience in Canada. The law was implemented in order to “help protect Canadians while ensuring that businesses can continue to compete in the global marketplace.”

Yes, the laws are getting stricter for sending marketing emails in Canada. Yes, you need to ensure your recipients are opting into your subscriptions for promotional emails and texts. And generally no, you cannot send misleading emails, collect personal information electronically without permission, or automatically install computer programs without the express consent of the owner. Read the full entry

6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing

6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Email MarketingEmail is one of the most popular forms of direct marketing. According to iContact, 15% of marketing dollars are dedicated to email, yet many businesses waste dedicated resources due to ineffective email copy (Tweet This!). To create a successful B2B email, you first need to make sure you have direction. A clear brief outlining the key message and calls to action (CTA) of your email acts as a guiding beacon for your journey to effective email writing.

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With a clear brief in mind, you can then supercharge your copy with the six following tips: Read the full entry

The Anatomy of an Engaging B2B Twitter Profile

The Anatomy of an Engaging B2B Twitter ProfileAlthough LinkedIn and Google+ are heralded as the most effective lead generation social platforms, Twitter users seem to be communicating with B2B companies on this micro-blogging platform with the same amount of ease- if not more.  According to a recent study, 30% of users search for B2B brands on Twitter, and 11% who saw a relevant tweet from a B2B brand eventually converted into a valid lead by completing form on the company’s site (Tweet This!). Read the full entry

7 Ways to Maximize Your Website for Lead Engagement

7 Ways to Maximize Your Website For Lead EngagementBusinesses are focused on using their websites as a source of new customers.  47% of B2B buyers reported that the most likely way they find sales information was to go directly to a supplier website (Tweet This!). And because of this, companies have invested in site optimization to make sure they have user-focused content designed specifically to convert visitors into inbound sales leads.

Powerful content might include benefits of what you offer, use cases of your products & services, customer testimonials, and plenty of answers to the very-important question of “Why you?”. Read the full entry

10 Best Practices for Paid Search (Part 2)

Web Marketing Paid SearchIn Part 1 of this two part series we focused on higher level, more strategic SEM best practices. Now it’s time to turn our attention to 5 key tactical must-do’s.

1. Dayparting and Weekparting:

Each of us gets some shut-eye every day, but the internet never goes to sleep. Similarly, while most of us take a break from work each week, the concept of weekends doesn’t exist for the world wide web.  Which means, clicks on your paid search ads are eligible for display 24/7.  So, why is this a big deal? The intentions of users who search and click on your ads may be very different depending upon the day and time they click, and so too is their engagement once they land on your site.

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From Lead Generation to Lead Engagement

Unbranded lead in lead generationSmart marketers are realizing that while the ultimate goal is to acquire a good lead and convert this lead into a customer, simply acquiring a lead isn’t enough. An unbranded lead is a commodity with limited if any real value. This award-winning ad for McGraw Hill from 1958, offers a smart and timeless reminder.   Read the full entry