7 Ways to Maximize Your Website for Lead Engagement

7 Ways to Maximize Your Website For Lead EngagementBusinesses are focused on using their websites as a source of new customers.  47% of B2B buyers reported that the most likely way they find sales information was to go directly to a supplier website (Tweet This!). And because of this, companies have invested in site optimization to make sure they have user-focused content designed specifically to convert visitors into inbound sales leads.

Powerful content might include benefits of what you offer, use cases of your products & services, customer testimonials, and plenty of answers to the very-important question of “Why you?”. Read the full entry

10 Best Practices for Paid Search (Part 2)

Web Marketing Paid SearchIn Part 1 of this two part series we focused on higher level, more strategic SEM best practices. Now it’s time to turn our attention to 5 key tactical must-do’s.

1. Dayparting and Weekparting:

Each of us gets some shut-eye every day, but the internet never goes to sleep. Similarly, while most of us take a break from work each week, the concept of weekends doesn’t exist for the world wide web.  Which means, clicks on your paid search ads are eligible for display 24/7.  So, why is this a big deal? The intentions of users who search and click on your ads may be very different depending upon the day and time they click, and so too is their engagement once they land on your site.

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From Lead Generation to Lead Engagement

Unbranded lead in lead generationSmart marketers are realizing that while the ultimate goal is to acquire a good lead and convert this lead into a customer, simply acquiring a lead isn’t enough. An unbranded lead is a commodity with limited if any real value. This award-winning ad for McGraw Hill from 1958, offers a smart and timeless reminder.   Read the full entry

The Email Marketer’s Project Brief Template

The Email Marketer's Project BriefProject management is part art, part science – and not everyone has the foresight and intuition to sense roadblocks or anticipate every detail ahead of time. As marketers, it’s easy to get caught up in the creative concepts, then jump straight to how we will measure success (because after all, our campaigns are sure to succeed). Read the full entry

10 Best Practices for Paid Search (Part 1)

10 Best Practices for Paid SearchOperating successful paid search campaigns is a complex, ever-evolving and often maddening endeavor.  The only constant is change, whether it’s the algorithms that power Google’s Adwords and Bing’s Adcenter, competitors coming in and out of the auction marketplace, shifting goals, etc. Read the full entry

10 Essential Content Distribution Tools

10 Essential Content Distribution ToolsIn our recent post 14 Resources to Reference When Writing a Blog Post, we discussed various tools to use when blogging. Today, we’ll introduce the other half of a successful blog strategy: distribution.  Read the full entry

Why Gmail’s New Grid View Isn’t the End of Your Email Strategy

GMail's New LayoutIt seems like just about the time you figure out all the changes with Gmail, Google goes and changes it again. As a user, the added functionality is cool, and often makes life easier. But as a marketer, it’s just one more thing to test against when creating your email campaigns. At Tech Marketing 360 in February, CMO of Mashable Stacy Martinet said, “Live in the stream.” Gmail is definitely jumping on that boat.

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14 Resources to Reference When Writing a Blog Post

14 Resources for BloggersA few months ago, we discussed the two  fundamentals of every successful B2B content marketing strategy: creation and distribution. (Tweet This).

While this two-step process applies to any content format – white papers, eBooks, reports, video, and infographics – we’re most familiar with it for daily or weekly blog posts. Create a good blog post, then distribute it. Repeat Monday through Friday. Read the full entry

3 Big Shifts in B2B Marketing: How Marketers Are Reacting [Infographic]

The Strategist’s Guide to Defining Company Culture

Business.com Company Culture TruthsYou’ve developed a clear strategy, vetted it with experts, received external market validation and carefully communicated it throughout your organization. Yet the strategy isn’t gaining traction. You reevaluate, refine and adjust the strategy, communicating it again and again only to see the same poor results. The reality is your strategy may not be the issue. It may be your culture. Here are 5 tips for defining and nurturing culture in your company.
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