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2014 b2b marketing true/falseIt’s that time of year again- not for Christmas shopping, overloading on eggnog and inappropriate White Elephant gifts, but for setting those New Year’s resolutions that determine the trajectory of success we follow in the coming year. With the ever-quickening pace with which the digital space is evolving, it’s vital to get an early start on your B2B marketing goals. But first you’ll have to assess how well you think you know the 2014 B2B marketing trends. Take this quick and easy “True/False” evaluation and test your CMO knowledge. Disclaimer: please complete a more thorough estimate of your performance metrics, but feel free to use this as a starting point. Don’t forget to check your result at the bottom of the post:

1. True/False: The most effective B2B marketers use an average of 3 social media platforms.

2.  True/False: Over 70% of B2B content marketers are producing more content than they did a year ago.

3. True/False:  B2B reviews are expected to transform themselves and mimic B2C review forums, creating a crowdsource platform to narrow down vendor potentials.

4. True/False: Google+ and Slideshare will remain ineffective channels for content distribution in 2014.

5. True/False: According to Social Media B2B, companies that consistently blog generate 2o% more leads per month than those who don’t.

6. True/False: CMOs and CIOs should be joined at the professional hip.

7. True/False: Mobile marketing is only for the B2C marketplace. B2B marketers should focus on desktop.

8.  True/False: According to Google, high-quality content is more crucial to content marketing success than keyword stuffing.

9. True/False: Native advertising will start to take a back seat in 2014.

10. True/False: 52% of B2B leads are never called.

The Results 

1. False: The most effective B2B marketers use 7 social media platforms on average.

2. True: More content is being produced in the B2B marketing arena, especially among those with a documented content strategy in place.

3. True: In 2014, B2B buyers will have a louder voice. Take notice of what they are saying and based your marketing decisions upon their opinions. (B2Community)

4. False: According to Insivia, these two are on the rise for spreading the B2B word. Google+ currently boasts 359 million active users a month and B2B marketers are already having using this platform to have meaningful discussions with buyers.

5.  False: Companies who blog produce a grand total of 67% more leads than those who don’t.

6.  True. With the rise and infiltration of big data, by 2017 the CMO will spend more on technology than the CIO. The roles between the CMO and the CIO will blend together, a new and improved Chief Digital Officer emerging in their footsteps. 

7.  False: Please introduce yourself to the mobile-friendly CEO and create a site with responsive design.  Research by State of Digital reveals 65% of C-level executives are completely comfortable with making a business purchase on a mobile device and that by 2017, 87% of online sales will be via mobile devices.

8.  True: Start by answering and focusing on the questions of B2B buyers, rather than spending a gross amount of effort on keyword rankings and keyword stuffing.

9. False: According to CMO.com, consumers and business purchasing decision makers both feel less intruded upon when seeing sponsored content. Marketers in both arenas are taking full advantage of this method of targeting and engaging B2B buyers already on the hunt.

10. True: 51.4% of B2B leads are never actualized due to the the dramatic alteration of the buying process. Since buyers can quickly do research and decision making with the click of a mouse, a fast lead response time is more critical than ever.  The marketing-to-sales hand-off needs to be quick and timely.

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