Accurate Timing Affects Email Marketing Success

In order to boost brand goals, make sure the timing of your email marketing campaigns is on point and on schedule. In a September StrongMail study, US marketers indicated that being able to ensure emails arrived during a specific time window increased engagement and their overall ability to run certain kinds of promotions that were dependent on timing. Triggered emails are one type of lead nurturing campaign that increases conversions.

It’s a Numbers Game

Triggered Email B2B MarketingSome important numbers from the StrongMail study were that one-third said email timing led to increased revenues, while just 9.2% claimed no benefits from being able to control email campaign timing. The majority of those who responded saw benefits from email timing.
Approximately 80% of those who responded aimed to have messages sent within 15 minutes of a customer’s action that triggers the email. One-quarter of respondents saw a “substantial” decrease in conversions after six hours or less, including 6.5% who saw a major difference after just two hours.

Timing is Everything
When it comes to monitoring leads, many sales teams have found that a quick follow up leads to an increase in conversions. Your email marketing strategy needs to take note. However, with emails you aren’t responding to a completed online form, you’re responding to an action a potential or current customer has taken. Here are a few of the best times to send out timed marketing messages.

  • When a prospective customer has abandoned their shopping cart. S&S Worldwide sends follow up emails within an hour of a cart being abandoned and these retargeted emails account for one-third of their annual e-mail sales.
  • When it is someone’s birthday or purchase anniversary. Epson’s “Happy Birthday” email generates revenue per email that’s 840% greater than the overall email program.
  • After relevant on-site searches. found that trigger emails sent after relevant on-site searches got 200% higher open rates and 50% higher CTR than their standard newsletter.
  • When you gain a new customer or client. Electronics company Roku sent an automated email to encourage new customers to refer their friends and contacts, which generated 75 percent of all registrations in the referral program.

What Else Can Triggered Emails Do?
Not only can well-developed and well-timed triggered emails increase email related sales and click-through rates, these emails provide your business with the opportunity to enhance the customer experience. A better customer experience can lead to more brand loyalty, return customers and referrals. Triggered emails amplify the customer experience by:

  • Taking personalization to new heights. Customers like to feel a connection to a brand. Because triggered emails take the trigger, customer behavior and your brand into consideration, personalization in each email is more accurate.
  • Providing your business with more data. A well-executed triggered email campaign can provide your marketing team with more data for future campaigns such as insights on recipient behavior, preferences, and potential for a sale.
  • Add value to customers. A triggered email that is geared to a specific customer will provide the customer with more information as they go through the buying cycle. You can build trust and loyalty while providing event-specific topics and offers.

In business, timing is everything. From setting up shop to getting someone on the phone at the right phase in the buying cycle, timing can’t be ignored. Triggered emails sent within an hour of the customer action taking place can grow your sales numbers while developing a better connection between the customer and your brand/business. B2B marketers are always looking for ways to connect and reconnect with prospects. Triggered emails, timed correctly, can help you do just that.

Does your B2B business use triggered/timed emails? Where have you seen the most success?

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Erica Bell is the Social Media Specialist and a B2B marketing and advertising writer at Media, Inc. Her favorite B2B marketing topics include marketing automation, lead generation, online advertising, social media and business-to-business content best practices.

Erica began her marketing career in college through internships at B2C companies and migrated to the B2B world following graduation. Outside of reading and writing about marketing and social media, she loves going to the beach, playing soccer and most other sports, and spending time with her dog, Moo.

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