Richard Branson on Why Patents Kill Innovation

Richard Branson on Why Patents Kill InnovationRichard Branson knows a thing or two about breaking barriers. At just 16, he began his first business, a magazine called The Student, from which he launched another business, Virgin, just a few years later. Frustrated with the high prices of records, the 20-year-old Branson sold records by mail at reduced prices, a move that would lead him to disrupt the entire music industry. This same spirit has made him one of the world’s most well-known billionaires, and an advocate for the entrepreneurial spirit. Read the full entry

Be a Gmail Super User with These 14 Gmail Secrets [Infographic]

14 Gmail Hacks InfographicRemember when you actually enjoyed checking your email? I do. Read the full entry

3 New Rules for Direct Mail in a Digital World

How to Use Direct Mail in a Digital WorldWith the effectiveness of online marketing, why bother with old-fashioned direct mail marketing? The answer is direct mail still works. Furthermore, when combined with Internet and mobile response mechanisms, direct mail can work better than ever. Read the full entry

Getting in Sync with Cloud Computing Suites

Getting in Sync with Cloud Computing SuitesApple recently announced iCloud Drive for its upcoming Mac OS X Yosemite and iOS8 operating systems. When it launches in the fall, it will give users the ability to securely create, store, and access any document using any iCloud Drive-enabled device of any manufacture at any location. Read the full entry

10 Things You Should Never Do While Pitching an Investor

Killer R10 Things to Avoid Doing When PItching to an InvestorNailing your investor pitch is an important part of clinching funding. But who hasn’t known someone who bombed that conversation? So before you write your next pitch, keep in mind these surefire ways to lose a potential investor’s interest as explained by 10 successful founders from YEC. Read the full entry

5 Up-and-Coming CEOs Setting the Standard for “Creative”

5 Up-and-Coming CEOs Setting the Standard for "Creative"Standing out in the sea of startups is crucial to creating a thriving business. Those CEOs who are breaking down the barriers of the cookie cutter business model already know that—whether they’re creating a unique work environment to attract the best employees or using creative marketing tactics to expand their business.

The massive Google empire has experienced success in creating an environment that promotes employee happiness with cool employee perks like swimming pools and video games onsite. But what about the lesser-known CEOs revolutionizing business creativity? They’re the ones likely to survive. Want to see how it’s done? Read the full entry

5 Signs You’re a Chronic Procrastinator…and What to Do About it

Are you a procrastinator? Here's what to do.If you delay writing a report, the world may not come to an end. Everyone puts off unpleasant tasks from time to time. Chatting with colleagues and checking your email during breaks is acceptable, if done in moderation. But when staff procrastinate regularly, or habitually, it signals a larger problem. When procrastination becomes widespread and institutionalized within a work culture, companies pay a steep cost in individual and team productivity. Read the full entry

How the World’s Top CEOs Manage Their Time

How the World's Best CEOs Manage Their TimeThe greatest constraint you face, whether you’re in a corner office or a cubicle, is time. It’s a precious commodity, and often it seems there’s simply not enough time in the day to get all your stuff done, or even to make a sizable dent. According to a Gallup poll, American workers are among the most stressed out workers in the world. 

What to do about it? You could purchase a set of books on the topic. On second thought, if time management is your issue, the books will probably sit there gathering dust in your must-read pile. What if, instead, you could have your very own panel of insanely successful executives share their favorite time-management strategies? Read the full entry

5 Order Fulfillment Software Packages to Help You Avoid Shipping Mistakes

Order Fulfillment Software PackagesOrder fulfillment software automates the time-consuming tasks of warehouse and inventory management, order picking and processing, and shipping and tracking. People make mistakes, and while no software is perfect, it is generally more accurate than manual processes. Read the full entry Recognized as San Diego’s Best Places to Work Wins Best Places to WorkYou know those companies that seem like the ideal workplace? They offer great perks. They’ve established a solid company culture. They’re unified by a polished mission statement and their employees constantly brag about a fantastic working environment.

Well, we’re both proud and humbled to announce we’ve been recognized as one of these workplaces. has once again been declared by its employees and the San Diego Business Journal as a “Best Place to Work”, for the third year in a row, based on the company’s culture, management and benefits. Read the full entry