3 Ways to Foster Brand Loyalty with Email Marketing Autoresponders

3 Ways to Foster Brand Loyalty with Email Marketing AutorespondersEmail marketing is one of the leading ways businesses can build and maintain relationships with customers, and ultimately, encourage loyalty to their brands. Brand loyalty is becoming even more effectively nurtured with email marketing autoresponders, which are the main component of email marketing automation. Read the full entry

12 Best Systems for Speeding Up Product Development

12 Best Systems to Speed Up the Development ProcessThe last thing you need when developing a new product or service is a system slowing you down in the process. That’s why we asked 12 Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) founders about their favorite systems for keeping product development milestones on track. Here’s what they had to say: Read the full entry

Finding the Perfect (Already Employed) Employee

5 Recruiting Tips for Targeting Passive TalentIn small and medium-sized companies, each and every hire has the ability to influence a business in either a highly positive or damaging way.  When the stakes are so high, you need to make sure you are finding the “A Players” that are going to engage in your business and drive your company’s strategy forward.  While 60% of the workforce is not actively seeking new employment, they are open to exploring their options (Tweet This).  So how do you find these hard-to-reach candidates when they aren’t applying for your jobs? Read the full entry

How One Startup Gained 16 Million Users by Learning From Mistakes

Meetup.com LogoWhen building a company from the ground up, you’re going to experience bumps and bruises along the way. Although it’s nearly impossible to avoid mistakes and unexpected situations, how you learn from them and persevere is as important as any other contribution you make toward your business’ success (Tweet This). With so many company case studies to research and study, there’s really no excuse for not taking advantage of the information out there and applying it. Read the full entry

Why Some Customers Prefer Online Business to Traditional Retail Stores

Why Customers Prefer Online Businesses to Traditional Retail StoresWhy do customers prefer online stores to brick and mortar locations?

Convenience.  Read the full entry

5 Reasons Why Customers are Leaving Your Website

5 Reasons Customers Are Leaving Your WebsiteYou know that customers are visiting your site – but why aren’t they staying? There are many reasons, some less obvious than others, why your website itself might be driving customers away. If you find that your stats are showing a high bounce rate (or “high turnover” rate), take a look at these reasons why your site might be causing customers to run instead of encouraging them to make a commitment or purchase. Read the full entry

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly: Who’s On Your Team?

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Which Employees are on Your Team?The chief pursuits of any business are basically twofold; deliver value to the company and its shareholders and delight its customers with a product or service they want and need. To achieve these goals there are a few things every company needs to do; possibly the most important of which is to recruit, develop and retain top talent. Read the full entry

Using Microloans to (Finally) Operate at a Profit [Infographic]

12 Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs

12 Productivity Tips Every Entrepreneur Should KnowSure, a cold shower and a cup of coffee will wake you up. But what do busy entrepreneurs find works best for productivity once they are out of bed? To find out, we asked 12 entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) their favorite tips and tricks. Read the full entry

Getting Out of the Google Penalty Box

An SEO’s playbook on coming back from a Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird penalty.

How to Get Out of the Google Penalty BoxIn ice hockey, getting hit with a penalty earns you a few minutes inside the penalty box, the sports equivalent of a time-out. It is a system that has found its way into the Internet arena, in that violating the rules of the game results in a punishment doled out by search engine referee Google. This time, however, the ref doesn’t always let you know what the infraction is—and you can’t get out of the penalty box until you fix it. Read the full entry