Use Role-Playing to Engage Your Sales Force

Use Role-Playing to Engage your Sales Force To some degree, we are all actors. And when we go to work, we have a role to perform.  This is especially true in the world of sales, where sales reps are constantly making pressure-filled presentations in front of customers and clients. They have to deliver on the spot and communicate competence, confidence, and empathy. Read the full entry

Congratulations to the Winner of the I Love My Small Business Sweepstakes!

I Love My Small Business SweepstakesIn an attempt to show our bona fide appreciation of SMB leaders and executives, we gladly awarded a lucky small business owner $500 to Staples Office Supplies. During our I Love My Small Business Sweepstakes, hundreds of small businesses entered to win through our Facebook and Twitter channels and only one was chosen at random to receive the grand prize. Congratulations to Rick Vagnoni, owner of Deck Care Plus. Read the full entry

Is Your Small Business Vulnerable to Security Threats?

Small Business SecurityDid you know that small and medium sized businesses are the most appealing target for hackers? Small businesses have multiple points of vulnerability, making them easier to take advantage of. So although you may think hackers only go after big corporations with lots of money; that is rarely the case. Take this short quiz and find out if your business could be at risk. Read the full entry

The Top 4 Financial Mistakes Your Small Business is Making

The Top 4 Financial Mistakes Your Small Business is MakingSmall business owners know better than just about everyone that mistakes can be costly. Financial mistakes can cost a small business owner everything. The best way to avoid common financial pitfalls is to know about them in advance and plan to avoid them. Here are some of the top financial mistakes that small businesses make, along with advice on how to avoid these pitfalls. Read the full entry

6 Ways to Grow Your Email Database…Without Buying Lists

6 Ways to Grow Your Email Database \Without Buying ListsNow, I know you’ve been told by 900 email marketers, “Don’t buy lists.” Let me be the 901st – Don’t buy lists! (Tweet This!) While buying lists may seem the simplest, quickest solution to growing your database, it will complicate your email efforts in the long run and can potentially land you on a blacklist. I don’t want you wasting your time running re-engagement campaigns and sacrificing good contacts when you could be generating revenue. For more detail on the dangers of purchasing lists, check out Hubspot’s article, “Why Purchasing Email Lists Is Always a Bad Idea.”

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How to Do Business in the UK as an American Entrepreneur

How to Do Business in the UK as an American EntrepreneurThere are plenty of reasons why American entrepreneurs might want to expand their business to the UK: they have a stronger currency rate, London is a great financial hub, and tapping into the United Kingdom’s market can be a smart way to increase your customer base and gain more exposure. You don’t even have to be a giant company like JP Morgan Chase to set up a base in the UK. There are some hoops you’ll have to jump through, but if you follow the country’s requirements, you should be able to get your small business off the ground overseas. Read the full entry

Small Businesses are Thriving and Buying: 7 SMB Purchasing Trends for 2014 Small Business Pulse: 7 SMB Purchasing Trends for 2014We have good news to report! Small businesses are still purchasing. According to Rocket Lawyer’s recent survey, 55% of small to medium-sized businesses saw growth last year, and in 2014, 81% of SMBs expect to surpass last year’s results (Tweet This!) Read the full entry

How to Use Social Media for Customer Service

How to Use Social Media for Customer ServiceBusinesses, both small and large, now realize that social media marketing is a must-have tool in today’s tech-driven world.  Many businesses have social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter – several even joined Instagram and Pinterest to reach a broader audience.

While promoting a business through these sites should be a part of every business’ social media strategy, there is still one area many small businesses have yet to hone in on: social media as a customer-service tool. It’s important to speak your client’s language, and with so many active online, social media is an important place to be (Tweet This!). Here are some ways small businesses can utilize social networks for customer service: Read the full entry

The 7 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful Companies

7 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful CompaniesYou came to this article because you want to be the best. Kudos. There have been many failures before you and there are even more to come after you’re gone, but you don’t want to let everyone around you down by your mere repetitive inability to succeed.

Instead, you want to be the biggest disappointment the professional world has known. Don’t worry!  To help accelerate your downfall, I’ve compiled a list of the most practical and efficient methods that will guarantee the implosion of your career or business in record time.

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Attracting and Engaging Millennial Interns

Small Businesses should create a symbiotic relationship with internsA company’s future is only as good as its employees. Raw human talent drives the success and failure of any given business, so choosing the staff best suited for your company’s goals should be your number one objective. Interns are an excellent way to cultivate the future workforce businesses—start-ups, mid-sized, and massively corporate—of any size. However, you must give the right directions and resources if you want your internship experience to be a successful one. Here are some tips to utilize your intern’s full potential. Read the full entry