5 Coolest New Add-ons to Document Management Software

5 Coolest New Add-ons to Document Management SoftwareDocument management software is software that tracks and stores all your electronic documents easily and effectively. For example, it can track different document versions that are modified by multiple users, thus creating a constantly-updated history trace for any document.

Document management software is becoming increasingly important to enterprises of every size, particularly in business sectors where regulation compliance is critical, like banking, law, and accounting. It is also becoming increasingly sophisticated, and basic features and add-ons can make the software much more useful and user-friendly.

Here are five cool document management system add-ons that you should consider today.

1. Integration with DropBox and CRM Software

Businesses that use DropBox can benefit from add-ons that integrate document management software with DropBox. A sync folder between the document management software and DropBox allows changes to be synced automatically between the two programs. Some document management programs can be integrated with CRM software like Microsoft Dynamics cloud or on-premises software. Users can use this functionality to tag or attach documents to objects in Microsoft Dynamics, such as leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities.

2. Auditing for Compliance Assurance

In some industries, document management must mesh with compliance assurance to ensure that if the company is audited, there is a clear path between versions of documents. In some cases, it may be necessary to prove that documents have not been altered, and if you have a document auditing add-on, you can use it to show whether or not a particular document has been altered.

Companies that must comply with the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act must provide an audit trail of access to and activity on business-sensitive information. Parameters that must be logged and audited include network activity, internal controls, login activity, database activity, user and account activity, and information access. An auditing add-on is perfect for this task.

3. “Talk” Plug-Ins

Talk plug-ins are add-on features to document management software that allow document users or creators to create embedded comments and discussion on pages. Users can insert a talk macro into any point in a document to start a discussion. Users then can participate in discussions about a particular section of a document without having to use the document’s “edit” mode. These handy add-ons let users leave comments and get notifications of talk activity.

4. Business Dictionary Pop-Ups

If there is confusion about a particular business term, or if a document uses terminology that may not be familiar to all document users, business dictionary pop-ups can help immensely. This type of add-on allows authorized users to highlight words or phrases, write definitions, and have those definitions pop up in a bubble when a user hovers his mouse over the words or phrases. You can create a definition once and apply it as many times as you want in your document. This saves time spent looking up technical terms and helps prevent misunderstandings.

5. Mobile Apps

There are apps for just about everything today, and document management software is no exception. You can download helpful apps that let users make the most of their document management system, even on the go. You can get mobile apps that let you do things like:

  • Convert documents to PDF format
  • View or edit Microsoft Office documents
  • Organize document information
  • Convert various file types to other file types
  • Merge, split, or encrypt documents

Document management software is practically a requirement for efficiently running a document-heavy business today. This software is evolving to improve efficiency while keeping documents secure and accessible. Plus, you can now get great add-ons that make document management software work even harder for you.

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