5 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Valentine’s Day

marketing valentines dayMarketing for Valentine’s Day is easy; throw some hearts and flowers into the day’s marketing messages and you’re done. However, there are some more important lessons that can be garnered from the holiday and used throughout the year. Consider these most important marketing lessons from the holiday of love.

Quality Trumps Quantity

Would you rather receive a handmade Valentine with a thoughtful, original inscription – or bunch of hastily-signed $0.99 cards from the drugstore?

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You are far more likely to respond positively to a well-crafted card – and remember its message – than to generic cards that the sender took little-to-no effort with. The same goes for marketing content. Rather than distributing a high volume of low-quality, unimpressive, and ultimately forgettable messages, focus your efforts on creating memorable content that will stay with your audience.

Specific Messages Carry More Weight

The best love letters aren’t filled with generic platitudes. They go into specifics about the recipient that reflect a thorough knowledge and understanding of their likes, dislikes, desires, and motivations. Those specifics are what make them so effective.

So, too, should your marketing messages be tailored to fit your audience. The more you focus your marketing to your target audience, the more your customers will be engaged by your message and emotionally invested in your business.

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Express Yourself in Different Ways

It’s nice to get a Valentine’s Day card in the mail. It’s better to get a phone call from the sender along with the card. Even better – a card, a phone call, and flowers delivered to your office. Just as multiple points of contact make expressing your Valentine sentiment more meaningful, so does delivering your marketing messages over more than one channel.

  • According to the Direct Marketing Association, “customers who buy from two channels (vs. just one) are between 20 and 60% more valuable, while triple-channel buyers are 60-125% more valuable.” Delivering the same consistent message in your direct mail, email, social, and mobile marketing campaigns cements that message in the mind of your customer.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Special Occasions

While showing appreciation in your relationships is easy on special occasions, when there are ready-made cards and gifts available to help you, it’s much more meaningful to spread that appreciation over the course of the year.

Just as you wouldn’t limit yourself to only expressing your feelings on Valentine’s Day, you shouldn’t limit your engagement with your customers the same way. If your marketing only contacts your customers during a special occasion, you aren’t building the long-term relationships that your business needs.

  • Keep your customers involved and engaged with your business by making contact with them regularly, asking for their input, and creating a two-way conversation that will benefit both sides.

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Send your messages off-peak to have more impact

In the same vein – you can also intentionally send out marketing messages during off-peak times. According to a marketing study from Experian, Valentine’s Day drives one of the highest numbers of promotional emails outside of the Christmas shopping season – a volume that may overwhelm customers already inundated with marketing messages.

The study found a .20% transaction rate for Valentine’s Day, and a .31% rate for Memorial Day, despite generating a much lower volume of emails.

  • As noted above, it’s important to connect with your customers regularly to build and maintain your relationship with them. Consider making those connections at off-peak times, when your message has less competition and is more likely to stand out. After all, flowers on Valentine’s Day are expected; flowers on a Tuesday in June are an exciting surprise.

Concentrate your marketing efforts on delivering high-quality, personalized messages to your customers all year long.

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