5 Ways to Increase Your Client Conversion Opportunities in 2013

increase conversionsWhile most analysts have been stuck on their high hopes for mobile technology to increase, Paul Rouke, of econsultancy.com, says he hopes 2013 will finally be the year where conversion optimization takes center stage, as more than a buzz word, in the world of business and technology.

Though it’s not the same idea as “profit optimization” Rouke offers some helpful ideas on how managers can help customer service and sales representatives to direct their energy in such a way that their actions are conversion focused.

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Live Chat

Rouke admitted in the “comments” section of his article, that one of the important game changer for customer service departments has been the introduction of live chat and live video chat communication with customers. As tools for chat communication improve and are increasing in use, companies are seeing a huge boost in their conversion rates. ConversionXL.com said that Intuit, a financial management product developer, started to initiate live support chat sessions with their visitors and found that their conversion rate increased by 211 percent.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

ConversionXL.com also recommends businesses use security seals that will ensure customers that their online purchases are secure, that they have a guarantee of satisfaction with services, or that they will match a competitors price. Posting these guarantees of satisfaction can tip the scales for businesses, especially if the seller is offering the same product or service at the same price as their competitor, but the competitor is not offering a seal of satisfaction.

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Field Reduction

If you’re having trouble getting prospects to fill out your site’s contact form, ConversionXL.com advises you reduce the number of fields in your form. How much information do you really need? Name, email and the option to send a message should suffice.

Action-Oriented Formatting

Lots of sites use bullets and headlines that get to the point, to grab a visitor’s attention. Be brief and bold in your verbage and use bullets to call attention to details on a homepage faster. The faster a customer can learn that your company is selling what they need, the faster you have made a sale.

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Write in Red Online

Use the color red to draw attention and to illicit a sense of urgency. Using red to highlight special offers and sales or using red buttons or hyperlinks to help a user to see what they need to click on faster, is a tip that Target has used extensively on the company’s site.

Sometimes conversion optimization can happen when a company realizes less is more; using negative space and limiting the amount of information on the home page can sometimes cause a customer to be curious for more information. More company sites are seeing that the facts behind its product or service are what is selling their products.

Bio: Dionne is a financial advisor and finance writer for several online publications. She lives and writes in North Dakota.

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  1. These are some great tips! Conversion is such an important aspect, as it is what makes the money. I think a lot of companies over look conversion when thinking about marketing, and it really hurts them.

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