7 Features to Personalize Your Business Phone Service

personalized business phone system

What Makes Your Small Business Stand Out

One of the best things smaller businesses offer customers is a personal touch. Knowing your clients and their tastes and needs is a big part of what keeps them coming back. Whether you make designer cakes or install high-end electronics, treating your customers as individuals is one of the keys to building loyalty. Believe it or not, your business phone service can be used in ways that reinforce the personal service your clients have come to expect.

How Your Phone System Can Help Your Business Maintain a Personal Touch

It’s no secret that people don’t like making calls and spending time navigating endless phone menu options. If your business phone service helps customers avoid the frustration of dealing with phone menu options, you’re already a step ahead. And today there are new options you can add to your system that will help you do that, and that customers will appreciate. Here are 7 terrific options to consider when it’s time to upgrade.

1. Automatically greeting callers by name. When a repeat customer calls, a window with his or her name and information pops up, letting you know when the customer called last, who they talked to, plus any other relevant notes about the customer. Imagine how refreshing it will be for a customer’s call to be answered personally: “Hello Sara, this is James with Amalgamated Designs. How may I help you today?”

2. Remembering which representative a caller spoke with last time. If you call a business and receive excellent customer support, you probably want to speak with the same representative next time you call. Today’s business phone services allow you to make that happen. Imagine calling a business back and being automatically routed to the representative you spoke with last time. Not only does it save time, it builds a stronger bond with a customer than routing them to a random representative each time they call.

3. Attaching VIP status to some callers to route them to a human rather than a machine. There are some clients you don’t want to have to put on hold. For these VIP clients, you can automatically route a call to a live person rather than having them leave a message. It’s a small gesture, but it shows special customers that they are remembered and appreciated.

4. Routing to a mobile number after hours. If you want to be sure that a potential client is given personal service no matter what time he or she calls, you can set up your business phone service so that the call can be automatically routed to a mobile number after regular business hours. The caller will be pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a person rather than shunted to a voicemail system.

5. Blacklisting callers. Unfortunately, there may be the rare occasion where you need to prevent a particularly disruptive caller from bothering you or your staff. While you certainly don’t want to overuse this feature, having the option to cut off an abusive caller is a nice trump card to have up your sleeve.

6. Time-based routing. This phone feature lets you schedule auto attendants to handle calls at different times of the day or on weekends. This gives you better flexibility and control of your business’s call handling procedures.

7. Offering custom “hold” music. This is a great option that can make the difference between an annoyed caller and a relaxed caller. With many systems, you can load MP3 files that will play whenever a customer is put on hold. It’s also a great way to tie in your hold music with the nature of your business. Do you specialize in booking Caribbean vacations? Why not use some cool reggae, or steel drum music with your phone system rather than the old “elevator music”?

It’s always exciting when your business is growing enough that you need to upgrade your phone system. Today, upgrading your business phone service doesn’t mean giving up the personal touch your customers love.

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  1. Great info!! I love the idea of being able to give more personalized service to my customers!

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