How to Create a Comprehensive Emergency Plan for Your Business

How to Create a Comprehensive Emergency Plan for Your BusinessThe numbers are staggering: Up to 40% of businesses affected by a natural or human-caused disaster never reopen, according to the Insurance Information Institute (III). Why? According to an Ad Council survey, 62% of respondents said their businesses do not have an emergency plan in place (Tweet These Stats).

But part of having a business plan should be having an emergency business plan. Read the full entry

Does Your Business Insurance Cover Cyber Attacks?

Does Your Business Insurance Cover Cyber Attacks?Your day started great – until you found out about the overnight data breach at your business. Some hacker broke into your server and stole thousands of credit card numbers from your customers in addition to confidential company data. What now?

If you and other company leaders have planned ahead, you have cyber liability and data breach coverage as part of your business insurance package. If not, you’ll face weeks, if not months, of contacting customers and doing damage control. Read the full entry

4 Ways to Protect Your Business from Lawsuits (Hint: EPLI Insurance)

4 Ways Employment Practices Liability Insurance Helps Your BusinessThe Beatles sang a great message, but in business, employers and employees can’t always ‘work it out,’ and all the fussing and fighting between them can lead to lawsuits that can cripple a company. That’s why employment practices liability insurance makes sense anytime a venture has bosses and workers.

EPLI protects your company, your managers and employees from legal action alleging unfair employment practices (Tweet This!). This could include lawsuits claiming harassment, breach of employment contract, and invasion of privacy, among others. How exactly does this insurance protect your business? Read the full entry

3 Ways to Protect Your Business’s Intellectual Property

3  Ways to Protect Your Intellectual Property Inevitably, some part of your small business is going to be built on your intellectual property. Whether it’s your invention, branding, or even the jingle you throw into commercials, intellectual property is going to define a major piece of your business, and you need to protect it.

While I think most businesses would agree with me on that point, the trouble is few of them know where to start, or what they should even protect, when it comes to their brand. Patents are pretty obvious, but what does a trademark do, and when would you need to register a copyright? To bring everyone up to speed, here’s a quick rundown on the three major types of intellectual property filings – trademarks, copyrights, and patents. Read the full entry

What You Need to Know About Advertising Injury Coverage

What You Need to Know About Advertising Injury CoverageYou’ve probably bought commercial liability coverage to make sure you won’t lose your business because a customer or client slips and falls – and sues. That’s a great reason – the cost of slip-and-fall incidents averages nearly $24,000. But commercial liability coverage doesn’t stop there – most policies also cover “personal and advertising injury coverage.” Read the full entry

How to Navigate the Affordable Care Act as a Freelancer

affordable care act for freelancersSmall business doesn’t get much smaller than freelancing, but freelance issues don’t come much larger than health insurance. In the past, a freelance writer, artist, or other practitioner basically had two paths to health insurance – a costly standalone policy from a private provider or family coverage from a spouse’s employer. But for many of the 42 million freelancers in the U.S. today, those “paths” often meant going without coverage. Read the full entry

Don’t Crash and Burn By Forgetting About Commercial Automobile Insurance

commercial auto insurance for small businessesJust as every driver in every state is required to be covered by some form of car insurance, every commercial automobile should also be insured specifically to account for the unique risks a business presents. Commercial automobile insurance can protect your venture, whether you own a fleet of delivery vehicles or just occasionally use a personal vehicle to transport clients.

What’s the big deal? If there’s a wreck involving a vehicle while it’s being driven for commercial purposes, the business could be liable for the injuries and damage it causes, as well as any legal awards. That obviously could exhaust your capital in a hurry.

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It could get even worse if you have a home-based business and cause a wreck in your personal vehicle. Remember: Your homeowners insurance liability coverage won’t apply to anything involving your business. Read the full entry

Does Your Small Business Need Commercial Liability Coverage?

small business commercial liability coverageIn a word – yes. In a litigious society such as the one we live in, not even a small business should go without liability coverage. Why? It’s all about risk. You might call them customers or clients or employees right now. But there’s always the scary chance you’ll have to call them plaintiffs some day – in a lawsuit against you.

Commercial liability coverage can assist you in case you find yourself in a courtroom. It can help pay for your legal defense as well as any award or settlement made in the case. Of course, different businesses operate with different risks, so you don’t necessarily want a one-size-fits-all solution. That means you should talk your coverage over with a trained, independent agent who can give you the industry perspective on your risk and how you can manage it. Read the full entry

Business Liability Insurance: Why Are Your Rates So High?

General Liability InsuranceEvery business is different. Even businesses operating in the same industry and using the same business model can vary depending on its leadership and staff.

Thanks to the infinite diversity of human beings and the unique ways in which we all go about things, there is always something to set one company apart from another. Read the full entry

5 Ways to Save Money on High Speed Internet

saving money on internetIt’s an oversimplification, but remains true: businesses need to spend money in order to make money. However, there’s no reason that a savvy business owner can’t save on some of the things that he needs in order to run his business effectively.

It’s imperative that your business is connected, so consider how you can go about saving money on high speed internet, for instance.

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