12 Best Systems for Speeding Up Product Development

12 Best Systems to Speed Up the Development ProcessThe last thing you need when developing a new product or service is a system slowing you down in the process. That’s why we asked 12 Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) founders about their favorite systems for keeping product development milestones on track. Here’s what they had to say: Read the full entry

Is Your Small Business Vulnerable to Security Threats?

Small Business SecurityDid you know that small and medium sized businesses are the most appealing target for hackers? Small businesses have multiple points of vulnerability, making them easier to take advantage of. So although you may think hackers only go after big corporations with lots of money; that is rarely the case. Take this short quiz and find out if your business could be at risk. Read the full entry

Study Shows Small Businesses Underestimate Benefits of the Cloud for Collaboration & Productivity

cloud computing for very small businessesDespite their widespread reliance on mobile productivity, and overall trend toward embracing cloud applications, the majority of small businesses have yet to fully understand the full benefits of cloud-based solutions for collaboration & productivity (Tweet This!)

This is according to a report released on Feb. 21, 2014 by Endurance International Group (EIG), one of the leading providers of cloud-based platform solutions. EIG found that many businesses are unfamiliar with some of the most advantageous online tools, and consequently, they fail to benefit from significant advances in cloud technology. Read the full entry

Social Media for Small Businesses: How to Stay Safe and Secure

Social Media for Small BusinessesMany small businesses have turned to social media to build brand awareness and reach new audiences. In today’s world, digital marketing has become essential for every business, large or small, and it has proven to be very rewarding. However, with reward comes risk. Be sure your small business is taking proper precautions to stay safe and secure while utilizing social media (Tweet This!). Read the full entry

Choosing the Best Website Platform for Your Business

how to choose a website platformFor businesses only now establishing a website, it is understandable that the process is overwhelming. There are hundreds of website platforms available with all sorts of features, capabilities, and dissenting answers to the question, “Which platform is best?” But the better question to ask is: “Which platform is best for my business?” Each platform caters to specific purposes, whether it is e-commerce, a media-rich content site or a simple blog. Read the full entry

How to Afford Business Intelligence on a Small Business Budget

The use and perhaps even the misuse of “Big Data” has spawned a burgeoning “Business Intelligence” industry, which is dedicated to helping governments and corporations comprehend and capitalize on this vast wealth of business information.business intelligence for small businesses

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5 Questions to Ask When a Security Breach Has Occurred

5 Questions to Ask When a Security Breach Has OccurredIn 2014, the media caught wind of several serious data breaches affecting large organizations. One attack affected as many as 70 million Americans. Not only was financial data compromised, including credit card numbers, expiration dates and CVV codes, but personal information like phone numbers and email addresses were also leaked. Read the full entry

7 Web Apps Your Business Should Be Using

7 web apps your business needsYou can’t run a business alone. You rely on people – your employees, mentors and customers – and technology. The right technology can compact your more-than-a-day’s-worth of tasks into just eight hours.

Here are seven tech tools that can help you manage projects, evaluate marketing efforts and more. Utilize one (or more) of these web apps and you’ll end up with more time in the day to take on bigger (and more profitable) tasks. Read the full entry

Planning Ahead for Mobile Security Success

Mobile Security for Small BusinessesIt may seem like big corporations are more vulnerable to mobile security threats because they often catch the attention of mainstream media, but that’s simply not the case. Because many business owners buy into that philosophy, small and medium-sized businesses are more often the main targets of cyber-attacks due to their lack of protection on their devices. Read the full entry

Why Your Tech Team Missed Their Deadline

dartFace it. Software development teams suck at estimating when their projects are going to be completed. For anyone involved in software development; be it engineers, product managers, and customers this scene is all too familiar:

“How’s the project coming? Will it be done in mid-April like you said?”
“Well, we’re actually way behind. April doesn’t seem doable, but that was always just an estimate.”
“How is that possible? You estimated up front that it’d only take you 3 months!?”

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