10 Interview Questions to Save You From Hiring a Fake

10 Interview QuestionsInterview questions need to be perfected. They give you the first look at the person behind the resume. According to the Society of Human Resources Management, 53% of job applicants fabricate personal information (Tweet This). But how can you get the best idea of who the interviewee is, and whether or not they’ll be a good fit for your company? Here are ten of the most important questions you should ask when conducting interviews. Read the full entry

Creating an Employee Survey That’s Worth Your Time

Creating an Employee Survey That's Actually Worth Your TimeIntroducing an employee survey for the first time can be daunting. There are many questions to answer before you even get to the questions you want to ask your employees. Fundamentally, you’ll need support from key stakeholders and ensure that all are clear on the survey’s objectives. But a successful survey goes beyond these basic steps. Here are 4 essential guidelines to follow when creating an employee survey that’s worth everyone’s time (and money): Read the full entry

Friday Comic: Time-Wasting Behavioral Trends in the Office

According to a CareerBuilder.com-commissioned Harris Interactive survey, 29 percent of hiring managers say a major staffing challenge is finding productive employees (Tweet This!). And after taking a look at the hard facts listed below, we can understand their frustration. Check out our Friday Funny Comic which makes light of some alarming time management statistics.

employee time management  comic Read the full entry

4 Ways to Protect Your Business from Lawsuits (Hint: EPLI Insurance)

4 Ways Employment Practices Liability Insurance Helps Your BusinessThe Beatles sang a great message, but in business, employers and employees can’t always ‘work it out,’ and all the fussing and fighting between them can lead to lawsuits that can cripple a company. That’s why employment practices liability insurance makes sense anytime a venture has bosses and workers.

EPLI protects your company, your managers and employees from legal action alleging unfair employment practices (Tweet This!). This could include lawsuits claiming harassment, breach of employment contract, and invasion of privacy, among others. How exactly does this insurance protect your business? Read the full entry

The 6 Biggest Human Resources Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

The 6 Biggest HR Mistakes You Can Easily AvoidHuman resource mistakes can cause huge legal headaches for businesses – particularly small businesses. Fortunately, as the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”; most HR mistakes are easily avoidable. Read on to find out six of the most common Human Resources mistakes that businesses make, along with tips on how to avoid these pitfalls. Read the full entry

Finding the Perfect (Already Employed) Employee

5 Recruiting Tips for Targeting Passive TalentIn small and medium-sized companies, each and every hire has the ability to influence a business in either a highly positive or damaging way.  When the stakes are so high, you need to make sure you are finding the “A Players” that are going to engage in your business and drive your company’s strategy forward.  While 60% of the workforce is not actively seeking new employment, they are open to exploring their options (Tweet This).  So how do you find these hard-to-reach candidates when they aren’t applying for your jobs? Read the full entry

Attracting and Engaging Millennial Interns

Small Businesses should create a symbiotic relationship with internsA company’s future is only as good as its employees. Raw human talent drives the success and failure of any given business, so choosing the staff best suited for your company’s goals should be your number one objective. Interns are an excellent way to cultivate the future workforce businesses—start-ups, mid-sized, and massively corporate—of any size. However, you must give the right directions and resources if you want your internship experience to be a successful one. Here are some tips to utilize your intern’s full potential. Read the full entry

6 Small Business Perks That Will Recruit Big Talent [INFOGRAPHIC]

6 ways to recruit employees on a small budgetBudget cuts, constant healthcare reforms, and the luring figures of Fortune 500 salaries have left many small businesses worried about attracting talent-rich employees. You need an all-star team of employees to get your startup off the ground, but how can you recruit high quality applicants (and keep them) when you can’t afford them? Money talks, right? Read the full entry

4 Steps to Drafting and Training an All-Star Team

how to draft and train and all-start teamAssembling and developing a team of knowledgeable and highly competent employees to help propel your startup company into the corporate stratosphere isn’t easy. Since this team is the backbone of your company and responsible for helping you turn your idea into a reality, you should take every measure you can to ensure you have the right people for the job.

With that said, here are four tips to keep in mind when putting together your all-star team. Read the full entry

Should Freelancers Form a Business Entity?

should freelancers form an entity?Freelancers inhabit a nebulous grey area of employment. They don’t exactly work for someone else, but most freelancers wouldn’t call themselves their ‘own boss’ either. I work with a lot of freelancers, and the most common question they ask is whether or not they should form a business. The answer, of course, is that they are already had. The minute they started selling their services as a freelancer, they started a small business – at least in the eyes of the IRS. Any income earned as a freelancer is reported as business income, and freelancers are responsible for self-employment taxes. Since freelancers are already entrepreneurs, I often recommend they treat their budding business as any other sole-proprietor would. Read the full entry