No Privacy Policy? Big Mistake & Here’s Why

No Privacy Policy? Big Mistake and Here's WhyHow many times have you scrolled through the legal gibberish in a lengthy Terms of Service agreement, eyes glazing over, only to blindly click the “Accept” button at the end, all without successfully reading a single word? Let’s be honest— the answer is most likely “many times.” Read the full entry

Tech-Checks for Small Businesses in 2014

business technologyFor small businesses, a new year means 365 new opportunities to take your business to the next level. In addition to perfecting new product or service launches, getting your finances in order, and reviewing your business’s employee policy, it’s important to make sure your technology house is in order to assure a smooth year ahead.

Here’s a quick list of some of the technology considerations for small businesses. Read the full entry

Can You Own Top Ten Search Results For Your Business Name?

top 10 search resultsHave you ever put in a search for a business and had a bunch of negative pages pop up? It isn’t rare to find hate pages these days, not to mention negative reviews on third party sites like Yelp, or complaints from unrelated forums. Really, while you can aim to make the customer happy, not every experience is going to be a good one (besides, people are much more willing to leave negative reviews than positive ones!). When it comes to some companies, they fail on a much larger level than that. Read the full entry

Hiring a Director of Ecommerce

hiringWhen you’re hiring a professional to supervise your e-commerce sales, you want a true team player:  someone who brings talent, industry experience, strong business acumen, and creativity to the table and takes your e-commerce business to the next level. So how can you make sure the applicant you choose is truly the right person for the job? Only you can be 100% sure of who will make the best new addition to your team, but check out these great tips as you proceed. They’ll help you attract great candidates and identify the e-commerce whiz who will contribute to your future successes. Read the full entry

Ways Businesses Can Avoid Google Penalties

Google PenaltyAfter Google’s recent Hummingbird release, it’s no secret that Google is always updating the algorithms they use to evaluate websites for search ranking factors. However, most people outside the SEO/online marketing community rarely seems to pay attention to Google Updates. Smaller businesses are especially at risk for receiving a Google penalty – which can be debilitating for their business. Read the full entry

What to Make of E-Commerce and Millennials

e-commerce best practicesThere’s a catch-22 for marketers when dealing with Millennials. This tricky demographic is thoroughly enmeshed with the digital revolution. It’s already been established that those between the ages of 13 to 18 are heavy users of social media – 81 percent, in fact – leading many marketers to believe that e-commerce should be their preferred avenue for purchasing. If Millennials are spending an extraordinary amount of time online, plugged into social networking sites like Facebook and increasingly Twitter, then making the leap to shopping online seems to be intuitive. The only problem is that it’s just not the case. Business leaders and marketing professionals need to understand this age group is inherently worried about visibility. That includes maintaining a highly manicured Web presence, but it’s far more important to engage in social activities, which include shopping in physical retail stores. Read the full entry

How to Drive Ecommerce Sales Using Social Media

social media salesHere’s our super-valuable, awesome social media secret of the day:  People follow you because they like you!

Wait, what?  You already knew that?

Ok, so while it’s no secret that your social media community is comprised of people who like you, the real secret is that these are people who actually want to buy your products and services. Think about it – what companies do you follow?  We bet its companies whose products and services you actually buy.  That’s why we follow beer companies and shoe manufacturers…  and now you might know a bit too much about us. Read the full entry

E-Commerce Sales and the Need for Speed

site speed infographic

No matter what kinds of sales, promotions or content you have on your website, if the page isn’t loading fast enough, you’re losing customers. User experience and satisfaction, as well as search engine rankings are all impacted by your pages’ load times. E-commerce businesses and sites need to be speedy in order to keep their customers happy and their revenue stream going in the right direction. Here’s what you need to know about site speed, page load time, and your business’s bottom line. Read the full entry

A/B Testing Quick-Start Guide, Part 1: What is A/B Testing?

website optimizationAs a small business, you have a ton of competing priorities and finding time for A/B testing and optimization of your website can be easy to put off, especially if you haven’t done it before. Small changes to key pages on your site, however, can have a truly significantly impact on your business, and A/B testing is a worthwhile use of your time. In part one of this two-part article, I’ll provide an overview of key metrics that can be improved, the types of tests available to you, and discuss how to select pages and page elements for testing. In part two, I’ll lay out software, tools, and processes that will allow you to get started with A/B testing with a minimal investment of time and expense. Read the full entry

Showrooming: Mobile Shopping Takes Over Brick-and-Mortar

Mobile Shopping ShowroomBrick-and mortar stores are seeing more and more customers using their phones to find better deals online. Mobile apps enable shoppers to scan the items in-store from their phones to instantly see competitors’ prices. The definition of showrooming is “when a shopper visits a store to check out a product but then purchases the product online” (Techopedia). Many brick-and-mortar stores are fearful of showrooming because it means they could lose sales to their competitors. Here are 5 forward-thinking ways for brick-and-mortar stores to deal with the mobile trend and keep closing sales. Read the full entry