3 Ways to Foster Brand Loyalty with Email Marketing Autoresponders

3 Ways to Foster Brand Loyalty with Email Marketing AutorespondersEmail marketing is one of the leading ways businesses can build and maintain relationships with customers, and ultimately, encourage loyalty to their brands. Brand loyalty is becoming even more effectively nurtured with email marketing autoresponders, which are the main component of email marketing automation. Read the full entry

The Secret Tool That Will Help You Offer Proactive Sales Support

The Secret Tool That Will Help You Offer Proactive Sales SupportSometimes the best way to figure out how to improve your sales customer support skills is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes; ask yourself, “If I had purchased this service, how would I want the sales rep to treat me?” Would you want the sales rep to sell you the product and then disappear? Chances are, no. You would want to feel like a valued customer, with a rep who is easy to get ahold of, who reaches out to you before problems arise, and who checks in frequently to make sure the service was working well and meeting your needs. Read the full entry

Building Barriers to Entry- How to Keep the Competition at Bay

how to build barriers to entry and keep the competition awayCompetition is every businessman’s nightmare. It’s also the reality of almost every business, except monopolies. Traditional businesses, those that sell products out of brick and mortar locations – tend to worry about competition in their immediate area that sell similar products at lower prices, of better quality, or with more refined marketing tactics. It’s unavoidable in almost any industry. When you come to launch a business, you can expect others to follow suit – dwindling your revenues, increasing your cost to compete, and minimizing your profits. Read the full entry

Hey Small Business Owner, Does this Headline Grab Your Attention?

how to create a good subject lineWell that headline did its job.

The New Yorker recently published an article on the special elements of a headline, or a subject line, that make a piece of content go viral. The post features two researchers, Jonah Berger and Katherine Milkman, who analyzed roughly 7,000 pieces of content to arrive at two crucial headline ingredients that were positively correlated with the social-sharing success of an article (success equating to the amount of times it was emailed). On par to some level of intuition, they first noticed that articles with headlines stirring an emotion in the reader performed better than those that didn’t induce emotions. Digging even further, they saw that of those emotional headlines, those that evoked positivity fared better than those that elicited negative emotions in the reader. So happy headlines are great- but why does this matter? Read the full entry

Local Online Marketing Strategies That Your Business Should Be Doing

local online marketing seoIf your business has a brick-and-mortar location (or many of them), regular online marketing may not be enough for you. Online marketing that attracts local customers should be the cornerstone of your marketing efforts. Although most SEO and social media marketing is used to target nation-wide website traffic, there are many online marketing tactics you can do to get more local local business.

Try using some of the following local marketing strategies to help get more traffic through the door. Read the full entry

Marketing for Good Measure: Implementing an SLA

Calculating an SLAMarketers are usually thought to rely on the right side of their brain. We’re creative, imaginative, and spend more time trying to evoke emotion than focusing on cold, hard facts. Because we joined writers clubs instead of becoming mathletes, our jobs don’t really require us to work with numbers as much as some of our colleagues in other departments. The problem is, marketing has to be measured.

At the end of the day, your CEO, CFO, manager, and other departments internally want to see results. You may be the best marketer around, but unless you can show tangible growth, progress, and insights, there’s no real evidence of your hard work or how it propels your company overall. Measuring your efforts with the right metrics will help other teams understand what marketing is accountable for. Implementing a Service Level Agreement (SLA) has done wonders to align our sales and marketing teams, and keep our team responsible for moving the needle. Read the full entry

E-Commerce Innovators: 4 of the Industry’s Most Prominent Figures

founder of amazonThe world of e-commerce is booming. There are websites for every product and service imaginable. While many people are running their companies from the comfort of their homes, others have taken a small online company and made it something incredible. With business savvy marketing strategies and a great product or service to offer, these e-commerce gurus have changed the world. Read the full entry

News Flash: Your Prospects Already Know What You’re Selling

Content and PR play a big role in sales.The traditional sales process goes something like this: market research hands over some leads, sales contacts the leads and discovers who’s interested in learning more.

Then there’s follow-up, when the sales rep goes over the product in more detail with the prospect, educating him or her about what it can do and why it’s important so they are in a position to make a buying decision.

Not anymore. Read the full entry

Unusual Way a Chance Meeting at a Blood Bank Breaks Your Business Stagnation

Baby kicks your butt into business gear so you grow in 2014

courtesy Kristian Golding of Flickr

I’m at the brown front counter of the blood bank when I overhear the guy next to me ask this question, “Have you seen my package? UPS says they delivered it. But I don’t have it so I’m checking nearby to see if it got delivered to the wrong business.”

I strike up a conversation. He’s a franchise owner who just opened here in Austin Texas. He’s doing some of the typical grand opening things like handing out printed paper coupons to get a free treatment. I asked him if he had the coupons online. He said “No”.

I told him I could integrate the coupon with Facebook so he’d get way more people coming to his grand opening. Read the full entry

3 Ways to Use Twitter to Generate More Leads

3 ways to generate leads from twitterA lot of businesses struggle to use Twitter for marketing purposes. But is Twitter really that difficult when it comes to marketing? Well, if you’re only going to focus on ‘vanity metrics’ such as follower counts and number of retweets, then yes, it can be hard. As a marketer, what should matter to you the most is revenue, and nothing else.

Twitter can prove to be a powerful promotional tool — depending on how you use it. It’s not just a communication medium, but also a proven way to generate more leads and sales. So if you’re finding it difficult to get more leads from Twitter, or have never tried to do so before, here are three effective tactics to help you make your Twitter lead generation campaign successful. Read the full entry