Video: The Six Laws of Social Sharing for Business

Do you know the six laws of social sharing laws for business?sociallaws_hero_stream

Social media sharing has completely changed digital marketing. In a competitive marketplace, consumers turn to brands they trust. Social media gives companies the power to establish trust value by expressing personality, developing relationships, and demonstrating thought leadership.

Companies that engage in social sharing have the opportunity to nurture consumer relationships and turn those consumers into a brand advocates. The consumer behavior shifts from simply purchasing products, to consistently engaging with the brand on a regular basis, consuming and sharing the brand’s content, and telling their contacts, colleagues, associates and friends about the products and services the company offers.

If you aren’t sure if social sharing for business really works, consider this: traditional advertising is only trusted by 14% of people, 74% of people rely on social media to make purchasing decisions and they are 71% more likely to purchase based on social media referrals. And if that still doesn’t convince you, how about this statistic from Zuberance: Just a 12% increase in brand advocacy can double your revenue growth rate while boosting market share.

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The Social Help Desk Revolution [Infographic]

social help deskSocial networks have grown to the point that now 1 out of every 5 minutes spent online is on a social network. Not to mention, Twitter is averaging over 250 million tweets per day while Facebook is nearing the population size of China with over 900 million active users.

We all know that social is important but the question is how can your business take advantage of it? The short answer is that traditional advertising is losing trust while social media interaction and peer recommendations are gaining it. Read the full entry