Getting in Sync with Cloud Computing Suites

Getting in Sync with Cloud Computing SuitesApple recently announced iCloud Drive for its upcoming Mac OS X Yosemite and iOS8 operating systems. When it launches in the fall, it will give users the ability to securely create, store, and access any document using any iCloud Drive-enabled device of any manufacture at any location. Read the full entry

6 Customer Service Tools for Expanding Businesses

6 Customer Service Tools for Expanding BusinessesGreat customer service is what sets successful businesses apart from the rest, and ensures that they will have loyal customers for years to come. After all, if customer service is a high priority for consumers, then you should make that a priority as well. However, when businesses decide to quickly expand, the level of customer service can take a hit. Read the full entry

Hey Small Business Owner, Does this Headline Grab Your Attention?

how to create a good subject lineWell that headline did its job.

The New Yorker recently published an article on the special elements of a headline, or a subject line, that make a piece of content go viral. The post features two researchers, Jonah Berger and Katherine Milkman, who analyzed roughly 7,000 pieces of content to arrive at two crucial headline ingredients that were positively correlated with the social-sharing success of an article (success equating to the amount of times it was emailed). On par to some level of intuition, they first noticed that articles with headlines stirring an emotion in the reader performed better than those that didn’t induce emotions. Digging even further, they saw that of those emotional headlines, those that evoked positivity fared better than those that elicited negative emotions in the reader. So happy headlines are great- but why does this matter? Read the full entry

Essential Negative Keywords for Almost Any Marketing Campaign

essential negative keywordsSo you sell product or services online, and use paid search as a vehicle to drive sales. Hopefully you appreciate the returns from search engine marketing, and are looking for ways to make your campaigns more cost-efficient. One of the best ways to reduce cost and increase return on investment is to filter out “unwanted clicks.” These occur when your ads show for irrelevant queries, and people click on the ads – costing you money. These people either click by accident or have no real intention of purchasing your product or service. Regardless, the ads should not be showing for irrelevant queries.

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Great news is that there is a list of negative keywords that 99% OF BUSINESSES can automatically insert into campaigns, to reduce cost. Read the full entry

How to Combat Negative Press from Your Competition

how to combat negative competition There have long been two schools of thought when it comes to bad press from competitors. The first is to go on the offensive and fire back by stating your case with facts, and then avoiding a range war if at all possible. The second way is to ignore your competition, let your products speak for themselves, and continue undeterred on your marketing path.

The reasons for the negative publicity, your overall market share, and the strength of your product or brand will dictate the appropriate response. Many companies choose to never respond to these types of attacks. Read the full entry

‘Tis the Season to Start Thriving: Two Simple Tips for Year-Round Success

boost sales this holiday season and year aroundThe Holiday season is upon us and that means most of us will be spending a little extra ‘dough’ when we’re out shopping. For small business owners and entrepreneurs however, the season means a welcomed boost in sales and the opportunity to reach more customers with their products and services.

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Check it out: Just in November, we have important dates like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Read the full entry

What is Factoring and is it a Good Idea?

factoringIf you own a business that has customer payment terms of net 30, net 60, net 90 (or more), chances are you may have experienced cash flow issues at some point. If you’ve had cash flow issues, factoring your receivables to cover business expenses might be right for you. Factoring finance may help you grow – or keep the business afloat – while you’re waiting on payments from customers. Ironically, factoring can sometimes be very similar to the cost of accepting credit cards.  You’ll see in a minute that accepting credit cards is a great example of factoring since the business owner is getting paid prior to the credit card company getting paid by the card holder. Read the full entry

Quiz: Test Your Knowledge on Today’s Most Popular Communication Channels

Take the quiz and find out how much you have been missing by not tapping into five customer service channels.  The results may surprise you.

customer service quiz

Which one are you in terms of the customer service mindset? Read the full entry

3 Tips for Shutting Off This Holiday

christmas vacationTaking time off from your business during the holidays is important not only for your sanity, but for the continued success of your business. Take a vacation – even a short one – and you’ll come back to work rested, refreshed, and more productive. According to an article in BusinessWeek, taking a break will result in an 82% increase in job performance upon your return.

The key to enjoying your holiday is to treating it like one: shut down your computer, turn off your phone, and take a break from the stresses of managing your business. Read the full entry

5 Tips on Hiring the Right People for Your Startup

startup hiringHiring the best people for your new small business is important; thus, you need to know how to carefully select your staff for you and your company’s benefit. But how can you be sure that you’ll end up with those who are fit for the job? What factors should they have that will match your goals?

These questions can be tough to answer especially if you’re just starting. So we’ve come up with a quick list of ideas that can help you. Check out these five easy-to-do tips that will guide you on hiring the ideal staff for your business. Read the full entry