Cloud-Computing: Improved Resiliency for Businesses

cloud-computingThe downtime of IT systems for businesses leads to lost opportunities and revenue. This downtime also includes the recovery of lost data. However, businesses can protect against unforeseen downtime by having plans for disaster recovery that include the use of multiple backup systems.

This is expensive for a business if in-house systems are being used for the backup of data, whereas cloud computing is a simple solution to improve your business resiliency. From cost savings to less down-time, your business has much to gain.

Off-Site Data Storage

A newer resource businesses have available for disaster recovery is the option to use cloud computing. This is a way to store data on an off-site server that can be easily accessed and retrieved after a disaster. Availability of data in the cloud significantly reduces downtime and even allows a business to continue normal operations.

Cost Savings

One of the benefits of cloud computing is the cost savings for an organization. There is no need to have IT infrastructure in place for storing data. This eliminates maintenance and upgrade costs. A business is also able to reduce the number of IT personnel that need to be on hand to manage equipment.

Running Applications

Cloud-based services are also able to run applications. This means that users can access applications or needed data anywhere Internet access is available. Employees can use a mobile device, such as a tablet or a Smartphone to access a cloud service.

Scaling Resources

Features of cloud computing include the ability to scale resources as business needs require. The ability of a cloud service to offer load balancing is also a benefit. This is a feature that can shift resources over to another web server if additional capacity is required. Companies can also decrease resources is there is a slowdown in traffic during a specific time of the year.

Increasing Productivity

The use of the cloud offers businesses a way to increase productivity by shifting resources to providers in the cloud. Cloud service providers will be responsible for upgrades to equipment and updates for all back end software applications. This means that small businesses are able to use resources in the cloud to appear larger and more robust.

Application Decentralization

The decentralization of applications that were once located in an in-house data center will improve the resiliency of businesses. They will also see simplified recovery after a disaster. Cloud systems offer the best option for managing network capacity and increased traffic to a website or mobile app. A business is able to monitor performance and make necessary changes from a web-based interface.

Remote Users

Cloud computing is also beneficial for remote users. Users can log into the system from home or from any location that has an Internet connection. This is a benefit if a business on the east coast gets a call after business hours. The call can be forwarded to an employee located in a later time zone to maintain continued customer service and support for a business.

Efficiency Gains

The availability of solutions that are in the cloud are a great way for a business to gain efficiency and a boost in productivity. Services in the cloud are available all hours of the day. This means organizations can use the Internet to conduct business nationally and globally if they have a desire to grow.

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