Entrepreneur Funding: Business Loans, and More

business fundingThere are numerous ways of funding your new business. However, the wisest option is not to attach your personal assets as collateral, unless you are 100% certain that your business will not fold in the process.

Be sure to consider your other options, including business loans, angel investors and credit cards.

Tips for Getting a Business Loan

Business loans are a smart choice for your business funding. And, when the time comes to apply for your loan, it’s important to meet the lender with the necessary paperwork to make the task of convincing them more successful. Gathering certain documents will be helpful in persuading the lender that the loan is necessary and that you are trustworthy; be sure to have the following on hand.

  • Business plan- A business plan shows the lender why you want a loan, and how you plan to use the money you’re borrowing.
  • Cash flow projections – Lenders typically will ask how you plan to repay on a loan. Cash flow projections supply the lender with solid financial information that can be used to determine the risk lending you money will entail.
  • Statement of your personal or financial status – This includes your personal assets and liabilities to provide a full picture of your finances.
  • Business tax returns – Business tax returns gives the lender a view of how poor or how well your business is doing financially, if it’s already up and running.
  • Credit rating reports- Credit rating reports shows how you have repaid your loans in the past. It is a major determining factor of whether or not you will be able to pay on a business loan.

Receiving Financial Support from Angel Investors

Getting a loan can be a long drawn out process when done the conventional way. Lenders may ask for financial statements that could span the past three years, and that could hinder your business from getting the resources they need quickly.

As an alternative, a business owner may decide to turn to angel investors to help fund their business. In a nutshell, angel investors are willing to take the risk of investing in private business ventures as long as they see the potential to turn a future profit. It is essential that you present your business project to angel investors in a way that shows how they will benefit.

While this will vary from one investor to the next, approval may grant you financing for up to five years with up to a $1 million to use toward your business goals. On the downside, borrowing from angel investors can yield a long term payout than borrowing from a bank lender.

Using Credit Cards

Millions of merchants across the country are sustained by using credit cards for running their businesses. Credit cards often maintain cash flow in times where supplies, bills, or other obligations need to be addressed.

Since credit card companies charge high interest rates, it is best to make payments punctually and in full within the stipulated time frames of 30-45 days. No matter what avenue you take to acquire funds for your business, effectively using tips to ensure consistent cash flow will likely help keep your business afloat.

Check out how other businesses have been successful with business loans in these 4 Real-Life Business Loan Success stories.

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