Essential Negative Keywords for Almost Any Marketing Campaign

essential negative keywordsSo you sell product or services online, and use paid search as a vehicle to drive sales. Hopefully you appreciate the returns from search engine marketing, and are looking for ways to make your campaigns more cost-efficient. One of the best ways to reduce cost and increase return on investment is to filter out “unwanted clicks.” These occur when your ads show for irrelevant queries, and people click on the ads – costing you money. These people either click by accident or have no real intention of purchasing your product or service. Regardless, the ads should not be showing for irrelevant queries.

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Great news is that there is a list of negative keywords that 99% OF BUSINESSES can automatically insert into campaigns, to reduce cost. These negative keywords can apply essentially to any business: from sellers of baby clothing to pet shop owners. The bulk of these keywords have to do with education, employment, and training. Unless a company focuses on recruiting, education, or training, these keywords can help reduce unwanted clicks and cost.

Employment-Related Negative Keywords

  • employment
  • employer, employers
  • employee, employees
  • hire, hires, hired, hiring
  • job, jobs
  • career, careers
  • occupation, occupations
  • work
  • salary, salaries
  • wage, wages
  • earnings
  • intern, interns
  • internship, internships
  • resume, resumes
  • recruiter, recruiters, recruiting

Education-Related Negative Keywords

  • education
  • class, classes
  • study, studying
  • course, courses
  • class, classes
  • learn, learning
  • degree, degrees
  • college, colleges
  • university, universities
  • school, schools
  • bachelor, bachelors
  • master, masters
  • doctorate, phd
  • program, programs
  • certification, certifications
  • seminar, seminars
  • webinar, webinars
  • book, books
  • textbook, textbooks

Training-Related Negative Keywords

  • train, training
  • teach, teaches, teaching
  • tutorial, tutorials
  • seminar, seminars
  • webinar, webinars
  • article, articles

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Of course, these keywords are just a start. Each businesses has unique queries it would want to block, and should carefully ad those that do not help sell its products or services. However, these keywords allow businesses to filter out queries from people who want to receive education or training, or find a job, in the industry specific to the business.

Oshin Aivazian

Oshin Aivazian

Oshin Aivazian is a search engine marketing professional with almost a decade of online marketing experience. In addition to marketing products and services online in both the consumer and B2B space, Oshin Aivazian also has an MBA from the University of California, San Diego and an economics degree from the University of California, Los Angeles.

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