Expert Advice on Switching Your Business Phone System to VoIP

Logan Abbott of says switching to VoIP is a no-brainer.

With the rocky economy, small business owners are looking for any way they can to save a buck or two — from printing two-sided copies to taking back those company credit cards (sorry folks, no more five-course lunches!) to switching their business phone system to VoIP.

“Switching to VoIP should be a no-brainer for small businesses because they stand to save up to 70 percent on their monthly phone bill,” said Logan Abbott, president of, the largest VOIP information wiki on the web. He estimates that 70 percent of U.S. businesses now use VoIP.

Aside from saving money, other benefits to switching to VoIP include access to advanced phone system features like voice-to-email transcription and “find me, follow me,” Abbott said. And while in the past, customers have complained about call quality and reliability, these days — with advances in VoIP technology and Internet speeds — those complaints are mostly things of the past.

Still wondering if you should make the switch? Read on as Abbott answers some more questions regarding VoIP phone systems:

What type of business would benefit most from a VoIP phone system?

Any business that makes and receives a high volume of calls, especially long-distance calls. VoIP service is much cheaper for making and receiving long distance calls than regular phone service.
How has VoIP changed since it first came on the market?
VoIP service is a lot cheaper, more reliable, and offers many more advanced features than it did 10 or 15 years ago.

What is some of the latest VoIP technology available?

It’s mobile VoIP technology that integrates your smartphone with your home or office VoIP system so that you can make sure you never miss a call.

What are some of the most exciting/coolest features VoIP phone systems offer?

My favorite feature is voicemail-to-email or SMS transcription, which allows me to read someone’s voicemail as a text message or email, instead of having to physically listen to their voicemail.

How can VoIP integrate with mobile technology (smartphones/tablets)?

The vast majority of VoIP providers these days offer a free smartphone app that integrates seamlessly with their service. It allows you to make calls from your smartphone from wherever you are, and it will appear to the person you are calling that you are in your office.

What sort of equipment do you need to switch to VoIP?

These days, you just need a broadband Internet connection, and most VoIP providers will provide any necessary equipment free of charge.

How much does it cost to switch?

VoIP setup is free from most VoIP providers.

What questions should a business owner ask before picking a provider? 

Business owners should ask themselves which features they need, and how they will be using their VoIP service to their advantage.

What are red flags should businesses look for when looking for a provider?

User reviews are available online at If a provider has a bunch of bad customer reviews, then that is a red flag. Editorial Staff Editorial Staff

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4 Responses to Expert Advice on Switching Your Business Phone System to VoIP

  1. voipdito says:

    Clearly written by someone with expert knowledge in the Voip arena with detailed information and background knowledge a plenty. A well researched and balanced article

  2. A concise article but can I make an addition to the equipment requirements.

    Many customers who want to move to VoIP typically have a system running on telephone cabling and not data cabling for extensions.

    When planning the move, make sure you have the right cable infrastructure across your site to accommodate your new and improved system.

    It’s definitely not a free add-on by your provider!

    I love VoIP. Easily configured and reconfigured for the clients’ ever changing needs

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