Free Online Resources for Small Business

Here at What Works for Business, we’re always hunting for new web-based resources that can help your small business grow and prosper. If those resources are free — as many are — so much the better. Along comes newly-launched (itself a free service) that provides a first-of-its-kind searchable online directory of only the truly free web-based business resources.  This is good.

The Freesourcing site (in beta) is bare bones, but skips the frills (not to mention the annoying pop-ups and paid ads) in favor of function, letting you easily find helpful freebies from what promises to be a growing list of options. You can search the directory using common terms, or click on one of the 14 categories such as analytics, CRM, marketing or software to reveal a list of offerings with a brief description and user ratings.

Absent from the list are all of those “temporarily-free” and “not-quite-totally-free” resources that are really just marketing come-ons. The site’s professed mission is to “Provide businesses with easy, clutter-free access to the best free web-based resources.” And so far it seems to deliver just that. Media Inc Media Inc editorial staff provides tips and advice relevant to the small to medium-sized business (SMB) executives. Posts cover top tips, studies, how-tos, and best practices.

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Free Online Resources for Small Business

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7 Responses to Free Online Resources for Small Business

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  2. Sam says:

    Nice — thanks for sharing. I believe, however, that the most obvious sites are basic resources every small business should be taking advantage of these days. Making good use of Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, AdWido, and YouTube can create an incredibly strong brand identity and help reach a wider audience.

  3. Scott Allen says:

    That’s a great concept – it can be a (costly) waste of time to have to wade through offers that look free at first glance but really aren’t.

    Only thing is… I was very disappointed to find out that the information seems to only be available as a search engine. While they do have some suggested searches displayed, it would be very useful to have a topical directory, or at least a tag cloud or something. Also, a feed of newly-added resources, or “free site of the day” would be great.

    It’s a false assumption that people are going to know exactly what they’re looking for. There are all kinds of things that I would use if I knew about them, but I would never think to look for them explicitly.

  4. Eric Wolfram says:

    I’m always worried that you’ll get what you pay for. But now Chris Anderson has a book called Free, and he put it on the web for Free. So it seems like a new way of marketing — free.

  5. Another list site…great.

    What small business and startup owners need is context and support, not just a long, long list of applications.

    That’s why I’ve started the “Leverage The Web Revolution”! Come on by the site, download our free 79-page manifesto on leveraging online software and take action by joining our mailing list letting your voice be heard!

    Hope to see you there…

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  7. This is Patrick, I’m the community manager for Thanks for the comments & feedback so far.

    Scott Allen – I feel your pain! We are working on search and have some very cool things on the roadmap for 2010 – For now, we do offer a “Quick Search on the right side that some of the most critical business functions and can help narrow down your search time.

    I agree that a tag cloud would be very cool to have. I know it’s not the most intuitive, but with the beta version you can use the current tags to navigate through freesources tagged “personal” “small business” etc.

    Keep the comments coming! If you have any questions, suggestions, submissions, etc. please feel free to email me directly at


    – Patrick

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