Get Copied in on the Best Way to Search for Printers

For the majority of small businesses, having a printer or printers in the office is a necessity.

The question becomes, however, how best to go about buying and maintaining the right printers?

When searching for a printer, companies can follow several tips to secure the best buy for their money. Among them are:

  • Look for a printer that has received strong reviews and will meet your every printing need. Shop around to different print vendors and review the quotes to see not only where the best price comes from, but more importantly, where the most quality is;
  • Determine your printing needs, including the size and complexity of the jobs you are likely to require. Will your printing needs require large or small capacity? Keep in mind that a number of machines accept rather modest amounts of paper and are in fact better suited for smaller projects; while others are involve larger capacity paper trays, allowing them to take on multi-page document projects more easily. It is also important to determine whether or not you will want color for your printing needs, along with scanning options;
  • Another area to cover is whether or not the printer will require a connection to your company network. A large number of printers have built-in network adapters, with many also offering wireless availability to connect in the office;
  • Once you have chosen the right printer for your office, make sure the sales rep goes over all and any details, including answering all your questions.

Many offices end up buying one general office printer that includes photo copying and faxing options, with smaller printers purchased as necessary for the rest of the office.

For companies that have a general multifunctional officer printer, these typically provide you with simple maintenance and long-term durability.

Among the choices for companies are:

  • Inkjet printers – These can print text, graphics and photos, both in color and black and white;
  • All-in-one printers – With these machines, businesses can also scan, copy and oftentimes fax along with printing;
  • Laser printers – Although bigger than other printers, these are good for printing text, especially numerous pages. These can be great machines for the office with low running costs, although a more expensive price tag up front.

No matter what your printing needs, shop around and determine what gives you the best service and best price at the end of the day.

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Dave Thomas writes about a variety of small business topics providing helpful hints and tips to help grow a business. Dave’s background is in business insurance and telecommunications and has a passion for social media and sports.

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  1. kikie says:

    nice info..
    thanks for share…

  2. Kenny says:

    Nice list you got there, this will be very helpful to companies also with individuals who wants to buy a new printer. Thanks for the non-bias article.

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