Get Ship-Shape When it comes to Shipping Your Company’s Products

With the rising costs for fuel and a general economic malaise hitting the country these days, businesses that ship products for sale or for conferences, etc. are looking for each and every way to save money when sending the materials.

While you may have a problem fighting the fuel and expense issue, you can certainly track down the right shipping containers in order to safely move your goods for display or sale.

As you plan your shipping needs, keep several factors in mind:

• Domestic Casing – The most important aspect of the entire shipping process is making sure your goods are properly protected. With a variety of shapes and sizes available, which ones should you choose? Look for something that besides being durable can be easily moved, i.e. wheels. As for the inside of the case, find something with a foam interior so that your goods have extra protection as they are being hauled, whether it be by ground or air. Assuming this is only for temporary needs, look for temporary shipping containers as opposed to permanent ones. If you have products that will be making regular trips to trade shows, etc. then it pays over time to find permanent containers;
• International Shipping – In the event your company will be sending products outside the country, keep in mind that there are some restrictions regarding wood. In the event your product will involve such destinations, consider buying a special shipping container. If you do opt for wood, you can in many cases have it certified to meet with regulations in that particular country. Check the country’s requirements before sending so there are no delays or extra fees in the shipping process;
• Customer Delivery – If the product you’re shipping to a particular client needs customer delivery, be sure to have everything set up ahead of time. Not only is it practical, but you don’t want your customer expecting a shipment on a certain day, then finding out he or she has no way to get it to their office because you failed to think that far ahead;
• Quotes and More Quotes – As you search for companies that provide containers for your shipping needs, be sure to get several quotes. Different companies have different options, so compare the quotes, compare the services, see if you can get some referrals on each company and then make your decision.

In the event your business requires storage space for the time being, there are also options whereby you can use shipping containers as temporary homes.

The containers can be worked to both cool and/or heat the goods inside, offering proper ventilation. Also look for containers that will be resistant to harsh weather conditions, therefore guaranteeing that your products are not damaged by the outside elements.

Whether your shipping needs are brief or long-term, shop around for the best containers so that your products are protected, while also allowing you to contain the cost of shipping in the first place.

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