How to Green Your Office

Do you want to make your office a greener and more efficient place but just aren’t sure how to start?

Greening your office can be a lot easier than you think. Check out some ideas below to get started:

Print on opposite side of recycled paper

Did you know that about 71 million tons of paper and paperboard are used in the United States each year? So instead of tossing out those extra reports after the meeting, why not flip them upside down and put them back in the printer to be used one more time.

Change to an eco-font that uses less ink

To cut down on printing costs and ink cartridge replacements consider switching fonts to one that uses less ink. Try switching fonts from Arial to Century Gothic. The font uses 30 percent less ink but is still readable. That’s what the University of Wisconsin did last year and they managed to improve their $10,000 per year toner cost by a few thousand dollars.

Invest in a POU filtration system

Switch your old water cooler system to a cleaner, more efficient point-of-use filtration system that uses your building’s pre-existing water line and a state-of-the-art filtration process to deliver the highest quality, best tasting drinking water. Not only will you save money from not having to get water jugs delivered, you will save space from being taken up by extra jug inventory and your staff will never have to run out of water and risk injury changing a heavy water jug either.

Carpool, carpool, carpool

When gas prices can jump by 20 cents in just a couple days, it sometimes becomes a challenge getting to work—especially if your commute is on the longer side. So why not save a few dollars and buddy-up for the morning car ride into work? It not only saves money that could be spent on other things but it puts fewer emissions into the air. And if your cubicle-mate is just too annoying to spend 25 minutes in a car with, there’s always public transportation.

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Kali Wyrosdic is a contributing writer for Quench, the largest bottleless water cooler company in North America. Since 2006, Quench has provided thousands of large and small businesses with an endless and sustainable supply of purified drinking water using the latest state-of-the art water filtration technologies. Quench’s drinking water service provides customers reliable water dispensing systems at the point-of-use that utilize a building’s existing tap water system to deliver chilled or hot high-quality purified and filtered water on-demand. Quench systems offer a lower cost, healthier, more convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional bottled water delivery.


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3 Responses to How to Green Your Office

  1. Derek Thomas says:

    Fantastic blog post with some great ways to make your office more eco-friendly. We have many of these ideas/strategies already in place, and we feel great about reducing our carbon footprint and making world a better place to live.

  2. jim says:

    Thanks for the tips everyone is going green it’s the way to go. Not only helps to save the planet also help you to keep customers trust.

  3. Nice blog providing us tips to make our office environment more efficient place to work. Thanks for sharing with us.

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