How to Use Video Marketing to Promote Your Small Business

small business video marketingWhen it comes to video marketing, many small business owners and marketers may think producing a high-quality video is out of their budget. However, there are a number of low-cost options that small businesses can take advantage of. This is one reason why a shift in marketing is taking place and more businesses are allocating what was their TV advertising spend towards online video production. It also may be one of the reasons 64% of marketers plan to increase their video production budgets (Tweet this!). Promoting your business through videos is a great way to showcase your business, products and the knowledge of your employees. Here’s how you can get started with video marketing, even if you are on a tight budget.

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Introduction: Welcome to the Business

An introduction into what your business stands for and what your products are designed to is the best step your business can take into the video marketing space. Get your CEO, owner or founder in front of the camera to share the mission and vision of your business. A friendly introduction to new customers, or re-introduction to current ones, can get the conversation going.

  • For introductions and other types of video content, work with what you have. If you are able to create compelling PowerPoint presentations, such as a mission statement deck, re-purpose them into videos. You can also use screen recordings with an audio overlay. You don’t have to spend a lot to make a splash.

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Education: Help Us Help You

Instead of creating overly promotional videos about why someone should buy your product, focus on educating and entertaining your audience with videos that add value. Tutorials that feature your products or how-to videos for a related project are one way your business can feature employees, company knowledge, and boost brand awareness without pitching or selling as the clear motivator. Not sure an informational video will work? One study found that 46% of people say they’d be more likely to seek out information about a product or service after seeing it an online video.

  • Use customer feedback to develop and create videos that address their needs. Reviews, customer support questions and social media are places you can collect this type of valuable information.

Promotion: Deals, Steals and Teasers

Promotional videos can come in a variety of formats. If you’re planning on running an upcoming deal to your social media following, quick 10 second video for Vine or Instagram can spread the news and encourages sharing by your followers. Teasers to new products or services can peak interest and is a way for your business to gather pre-launch feedback.

  • Keep these types of videos short. People want the details about deals quickly, 36% prefer videos to be 1-3 minutes in length, and a shorter video could encourage sharing. Also keep in mind that “watch time” impacts search result rankings on YouTube.

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Video content provides your business with the opportunity to re-purpose old content into a new, more exciting format, and allows you to showcase what your company has to offer. Types of videos your business can create include: how-tos, tutorials, pre-launch sneak peeks, and a company introduction. Keep in mind that video production doesn’t have to break the bank. Work with what you have and focus on delivering it in the most interesting way possible that will resonate with your audience.

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  1. Clip says:

    I agree that when you don’t have a very impressive budget, you can still make an interesting video. Creativity will always help you to increase sales and gain new clients, even if you can’t spend millions on marketing. Anyway, thanks for all those great tips, they are very helpful!

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