Improve Online Conversions: Avoid 5 Common Mistakes

improve online conversionsBy now you know that a fundamental part of a business’ success is a strong web presence.  With a staggering 2.4 billion people online worldwide, the internet has transformed the way people find and share information.

But, it’s no longer enough to simply have a website. By creating it with a customer-focused approach, your business can improve its conversion rate and increase sales.

Read on for the most common website mistakes you should avoid:

1. Text Overload

A landing page with an abundance of bulk text is an immediate deterrent to prospective customers who want to quickly and easily find the information they need.  For a more favorable response, separate the content on your website in a way that is helpful to the user.  ]

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Use bulleted points, images, or any other visually appealing way to capture your visitor’s attention and convey important information.  A well designed website will help visitors find what they want in a short amount of time, resulting in improved conversion rates.

2. Unclear Form Fields

Your landing page may not convert as well as you would like to based on the layout of your form fields.  Make the fields clear and simple for visitors to complete.  Avoid words such as ‘register’ or ‘subscribe’ when trying to land new customers.

Words that prove to render better results are ‘click here’ or ‘go’ because they are less aggressive and feel more non-committal to your potential customers.

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3. Difficult Navigation 

The scenario is all too common.  People come to your website with the intention of purchasing at item you sell.  There is too much text, they can not figure out how to add your product to their cart, and they become frustrated and leave your website.

If potential customers want more information about a product before they purchase it, can they find the information that need?  When a website is designed, it should be created in a way that allows for your visitor to navigate your site with ease.  Poor usability results in loss of potential sales.

Studies by Forrester Research estimate that around 50 percent of potential sales are lost because users cannot find the information they need.  If customers cannot find the information, they may leave your website in search of another that is more user-friendly.

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4. Failure to Build Trust

People today are leery about making online purchases, and have every right to feel uneasy about buying from unfamiliar businesses. However, there are several ways a business can promote a relationship built on trust.

  • Provide a phone number with live people who answer the telephone and can speak directly to your customers.
  • Show a privacy policy on your website and clearly explain shipping procedures.
  • Provide e a brick and mortar address on your website, not just a PO box.

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A professional website is an essential part of running a successful business and earning your customers trust and loyalty, when done right.  For example, a good rule of thumb is to make your website your best salesperson.

5. Unclear Return Policy

With a brick and mortar store, the customer knows he or she can walk into the doors and simply return the product with a brief explanation and no hassle.  Unfortunately, purchases made on the web tend to require a little more work and are often a red flag for prospective customers.

Impress your visitors with a good return policy outlined on your website.  This will solidify the trust of your customer, and increase the likelihood of earning their business.  If possible, offer free return shipping and allow an adequate amount of time for the customer to return the item.

In today’s media-driven world, a website is arguably the most important marketing tool available. Your website is the foundation for a strong web presence and an essential part of a successful business so make sure your site has all of the essentials.

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