Improve Your Holiday Deliveries with Fleet Tracking

holiday fleet trackingThe holiday season can be a stressful time for customers, especially when they are waiting on deliveries to arrive. If your business relies on its own fleet of delivery vehicles, implementing fleet tracking GPS software may be just the thing your company needs this holiday season.

By tracking your delivery fleets, you will be able to reduce response times, provide better customer service, and make sure your employees are staying on track all while increasing your productivity. One of the leading fleet tracking company NexTraq found in a recent survey that 94% of their customer based reported their fleet tracking services as invaluable to their business operations.

Such a high percentage implies that using any fleet tracking GPS system will likely benefit your business’s productivity this holiday season.

Reduce Service Response Time

The days of waiting weeks at a time for deliveries are a thing of the past. Especially during the holiday season, time is a valuable thing, and in order to keep up with the competitive market your company should be able to keep its response times low and its deliveries efficient.

Implementing fleet tracking will allow your company to better monitor the position of your vehicles and inventory, while allowing you to speed up delivery time by dispatching a nearby truck of vehicle instead of calling one that is further away.

Improve Customer Service

Keeping your customers happy should be very important to your company because the quality of your customer service directly affects the amount of business you have. Fleet tracking software will allow you to keep your customers in the know about the status of their deliveries, eliminating some of their seasonal stress.

  • GPS software allows you to track each of your vehicles in real-time on your computer screen, keeping you up to date on the progress and conditions of your delivery.
  • This will allow you to keep your customers updated on the progress of their order and provide them with reliable ETAs.

Monitor Employees

Not only will you be tracking your deliveries but your employees as well.  This is especially important if you’ve hired seasonal help and want to keep some temp drivers on staff post season.

  • Prevent employees from taking longer lunch breaks while on the road or using the company vehicle for personal use.
  • Avoid taking longer routes or heavy-traffic areas that will increase delivery time
  • Shape employees driving habits before your company is held liable for an accident, and allow you to monitor their speed to reduce the risk of an accident. Keep them safe by being able to respond quickly incase such an event takes place.

Save on Fuel and Increase Productivity

Using GPS fleet management can also help your company to cut back on costs associated with fuel prices and maintenance costs. Because gas prices are so high these days, it’s important for your delivery fleets to save whatever way they can.

  • Combining deliveries is a great way to cut back on fuel costs, especially if traveling over great distances. Either combining different products in one fleet or teaming up with another company can help you split the cost of gas.
  • Rescheduling timetables or reconfiguring routes when routes are blocked or slow can also help you to save on fuel prices.
  • According to GPS Fleet Management Solutions, fleet managers and drivers realized an average saving of nearly 25% in reduced downtime costs due to maintenance management programs using their software. Using fleet tracking management will help you cut down on the number of vehicles that are out of service, naturally resulting in an increase in deliveries.

Fleet tracking is scalable by design. If your company has anywhere from 10 to 1000 vehicles in service, you can use fleet tracking GPS software to your advantage. Tracking your delivers using real-time imaging can drastically improve your customer service this holiday season, and help you to keep your delivers arriving just in time.

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