In Spirit of Thanksgiving: Thank Your Customers

thanksgiving customersYou’re always thankful to your customers no matter the season – they are, after all, the reason for your business’s success and growth.

And, with turkey day finally here, now is a great time to give thanks to the people who help you all year long.

Take advantage of the Thanksgiving season to show your customers how much they mean to you with promotions and events just for them.

Give Thanks in Writing

Use email automation to your advantage by creating a personalized email marketing blast for your customers. Give it a Thanksgiving theme with content, imagery, and language relevant to the holiday – turkeys, cornucopias, and above all, thanks.

  • Use your Thanksgiving email to thank your customers for their loyalty. Increase the value of your thanks by offering a reward –discounts, products, or promotional items will make your customers feel appreciated.
  • Send some of your most dedicated customers a hand-written note to personally thank them for their business. No matter how effective your online and email marketing is, the “personal touch” will always be the most effective – and in this case, heartwarming – way to reach out to your customers.

Make the Day Special

Give your customers the chance to feel special this coming holiday by singling out some of your customers for recognition or promoting a Thanksgiving-themed contest or giveaway.

  • Recognize valuable customers publicly on your business’s social networks or blogs, telling the world why you’re thankful for that customer’s loyalty and business.
  • Run a Thanksgiving holiday or raffle to promote customer engagement during the holiday weekend. Ask your online fans to submit their photos of Thanksgiving dinner, their best turkey recipes, their favorite way to relax after the meal, or their cleverest Black Friday shopping strategy. Reward the best entry with a meaningful gift that’s in line with the holiday theme.
  • Offer a discount or deal on your products or services from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. This is the weekend when most people start their holiday shopping, so give your customers a reason to visit you.

Give Back

The Thanksgiving holiday is a great opportunity to reconnect with your customers, thank them for their patronage, and encourage them to come back to your business for more. This is also the perfect time to give back to your community as well. Charity, donations, and volunteering are all ways to give thanks for the ways your community supports your business and to support others in the community who are less fortunate.

  • Now is the time to donate goods, services, or funds to local charities in need. Support Thanksgiving events at food pantries and soup kitchens, and volunteer to help at events.

The fourth Thursday in November has been set aside as a day to give thanks. You can take advantage of this day to show your customers that you’re thankful for their business and loyalty. Show them you’re sincere by adding the human touch to your message, engaging their participation, and publicly giving back to the community in meaningful ways.

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