Startup Tip: How to Attract Inbound Links to Your Site Naturally

seo tipsBusiness owners that generate income from their websites could always use more traffic. As we know, traffic often leads ultimately to more conversions = $$. Inbound marketing, advertising online to drive traffic back to your site through a variety of methods, is the umbrella under which online marketing is contained. Want more traffic? Utilize blogs, podcasts, video, whitepapers, search engines, social media marketing and content marketing to get the word out about your brand and gain visibility online.

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One core component to inbound marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO requires marketers to think about how search engines find, evaluate and rank your website for certain keyword phrases to garner a seemingly endless supply of traffic. The science behind SEO is quite complicated, but at its core is the principle that the more authoritative links you have pointing to your site the more authoritative your site will be  – and thus achieve higher rankings theoretically. Become an authority and magically you have high rankings and improved traffic.

This might be an easy concept to understand but actually achieving links can be hard work. There is an abundance of creative and interesting ways to attract links to your site naturally; in this article we’ll discuss a few of them. Find more information in this “Newbies Guide to Link Building” as well.


Develop great content that is optimized for search engines. Answer questions, provide insightful information, and utilize evergreen content topics. As users find your content they are more apt to cite your content as a reference with a link. Additional content that authoritative websites should develop that naturally garner links include:

  • Resource lists
  • Whitepapers
  • Free guides
  • Videos
  • Slide Presentations
  • Webinars

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Guest Blogging

Many authoritative sites are looking for regular expert writers on their blogs. News sites are as well, often referred to as citizen journalists. Seek out these opportunities, write great content on a topic in your industry, showcase your authority and you’ll get a link in return – often in your bio section on the site.

Brand Mentions

You may be surprised that your brand is mentioned often online, without you even knowing. By conducting some searches you can find these mentions. They don’t have a link to your site? Ask them for one!  This is a simply way to naturally achieve links to your site.


Standard tactics to get press are a great way to garner links. Donate money to charity, volunteer, get interviewed, do some outreach when you have a big piece of news, and sent out a press release are all ways to garner press and ultimately links.

Partnerships & Vendors

If you have partnerships with other businesses that have websites, vendors that have websites or even friends or family that have sites, consider asking them to mention your site. If they have an authoritative site that is related to your industry it can be worthwhile for your brand.

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By conducting some research and identifying sites that you just KNOW should have a mention of your brand, you can reach out and simply ask. Try to identify a value proposition, what’s in it for them to mention your site, in addition to a great pitch for placement of the link. You never know when this tactic will work for you and naturally acquire links.

As you can see there are a variety of ways to naturally attract links to your site. By doing something press worthy, developing content, working with partners or vendors and conducting outreach you can start achieving links for your site in no time!

About the Author: Kaila Strong is the Director of Client Strategy at Vertical Measures, an internet marketing agency based in Phoenix. Vertical Measures focuses on search, social and content marketing to achieve client goals of more traffic, more leads and more business. Follow her on twitter @cliquekaila or on Google+.

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