The 10 Hottest Marketing Campaigns and Promotional Items for 2013

The 10 Hottest Marketing Campaigns and Promotional Items for 2013If you attend conventions or trade shows, or if you have vendors or service providers visiting your place of business, you’re probably very familiar with promotional items that businesses hand out to keep their names and logos in front of as many people as possible and build good will with prospective clients and customers. Promotional items today are far more varied than the key chains and lanyards that have been the “go-to” handouts for so many businesses. Here are 10 hot promotional items used in the latest marketing campaigns.

1. USB Flash Drives

These are typically 2GB drives that aren’t very expensive, but that people find very useful. They can be made in custom shapes or printed with your logo, website, or other business information.

2. Smart Phone Stands

These are small easels that people can set on their desks and use to prop up their iPhone or Android. They can be customized in any number of ways, with color, logos, phone numbers, slogans, web addresses, or other information about your company.

3. Lip Balm

This is a very inexpensive, yet useful promotional item that is equally appreciated by men and women. The stick containers can be customized in countless ways, putting your company’s name or logo in front of people every time they need a quick hit of lip balm.

4. Pedometers

With so many people trying to incorporate extra physical activity into their lives, pedometers are very handy and popular as promotional items. They can be customized, and are the kind of thing a person who is committed to improving fitness will use (and see) frequently.

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5. Nightlights

These come in many variations, from traditional plug-in nightlights to small alarm clocks with built-in nightlights, which are handy for professionals who travel frequently. Traditional nightlights are also great for easier nighttime navigation in unfamiliar hotel rooms.

6. Sticky Note Mini Portfolios

These are small, customized folios that open up to reveal an assortment of different types of sticky notes. The sticky notes themselves can be customized, spreading your company information even more effectively.

7. Portable Mini Speakers

These are a bit pricier, but very effective. They’re small, cubic mini speakers encased in housing that can be customized with your company’s information. They make good door prizes and great “thank you” gifts for lucrative new customers.

8. USB Hubs

Another handy promotional item for frequent business travelers, USB hubs let laptop users multiply the number of USB ports they can use. Generally done up in bright, happy colors with logos, they’re both promotional and useful.

9. Notebook Toolboxes

Like the portable mini speakers, these are a bit pricier as far as promotional items go, but they’re quite useful. These palm-sized toolboxes usually come with some combination of mini optical mouse, USB hub, earbuds, micro USB adapter, and charging cable, and the case is customized with your company’s information.

10. Good Old Pens

There’s a reason pens are one of the most popular promotional items: even in the digital age, people use them all the time. Not only that, they’re very inexpensive and you can get them in a huge array of styles that can be customized. And when people lend them or lose them, there’s no telling who might pick them up and find out about your business.

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