The 7 Coolest New Add-ons to Call Center Software

Call Center Software is changing in leaps and bounds - improving everything from analytics to efficiency.

Have you heard about the app that allows smartphone users to put call centers on hold? With a single tap, the app navigates users to the department they need, then rings their phone once there’s an agent on the line.

Luckily, app developers aren’t the only ones out there trying to improve customer service. With the rise of everything from social media to smartphones to the Cloud, Call Center Software has evolved to meet the needs of customers, calling agents and managers.

Take a look at some of the coolest new call center software add-ons of the past year:

1. Customer surveys: Zeacom Communications Center offers a post-call survey on some of its platforms. The survey gives customers a chance to answer questions at the end of their call without the agent’s knowledge or involvement. This allows managers to get a timely and accurate picture of the total customer experience.

2. Streamlined communication: Zeacom’s multimedia contact center streamlines communication for both the customers and the call center. In-bound customers can communicate however they feel most comfortable — via phone, fax, e-mail, SMS, web chat or through social media. The multimedia contact center brings all types of communication into one place. Agents can follow online conversations about their brand, interact with customers via web chat, and monitor Facebook and Twitter activity all through one platform.

3. Skills-based dialing: The Customer Interaction Center’s Interaction Dialer is a software-based solution through which outbound calls are made based on each agents’ abilities, skill sets and proficiency — meaning the most proficient agents are matched to to the calls they’re making. This results in higher agent utilization, fewer hangups and higher customer satisfaction.

4. Multi-campaign dialing: A new feature on Customer Interaction Center’s Interaction Dialer allows for multiple outbound calling campaigns to be run at once. Priorities are set on each to determine the volume of calls placed for the duration of each campaign. Both workgroups and individual agents can be assigned to multiple campaigns, which allows for increased productivity without overburdening the campaign’s administrators.

5. Improved analytics: The industry’s leader in cloud-based contact center software, Five9, recently teamed up with  Birst Inc., a provider of agile business analytics to offer enterprise-grade business analytics and dashboards to customers. The cloud-based business intelligence platform tailored to Five9′s cloud-based users offers more than 100 reports in addition to interactive charts, enhanced contact center metrics, customer metrics and customizable interactive dashboards.

6. Enhanced software for visually impaired agents: System Associates Inc. recently re-engineered its SynergyMMS maintenance management system to give operators who are visually impaired the tools to more easily navigate the software, improving customer service. “Call Centers are proving to be an ideal employer for people with disabilities,” said John Clark, SAI director of sales and marketing. “Advances in technology, such as Braille computer keypads and screen readers, are making customer support a viable career, especially since those without sight typically develop acute listening skills. Understanding from our customers that the Call Center is a place of extreme activity and heavy call volumes at certain times of the day, it is imperative that vision impaired users are not hindered by the software they use to do their jobs.”

7. Mobile managementRostrvm Solutions, a UK contact center software provider, recently released an app for mobile devices that allows managers to calculate their staffing needs. Mangers simply enter the expected number of calls per hour and the average call length in seconds then insert the service level target percentage in a set number of seconds. The app then determines the number of agents needed.

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