The New Age of Email Marketing

new age of email marketingMarketing has taken on a new face in the wake of the internet and you have to be ready to roll. Change is a good thing, especially if you’re consistently updating and varying your advertising methods. Now is a good time to re-evaluate your audience and distribute your marketing campaign according to their brand absorption methods.

While direct “snail” mail still speaks to the baby boomers and elderly, email campaigns are important to derive revenue from your more technology-savvy target audience. Also, getting visible in social media and a grab at SEO is imperative when attempting to reach newer generations. You must embrace technology to have a chance at captivating your every customer.

Back in the Day

Some things haven’t changed. Tactics like email marketing  are put into place to generate new business, increase current customer sales, build and re-establish relationships and increase brand loyalty. Back in the day, to do this, internet marketers would turn to content spinning.

  • When you take an existing published piece and create an alternate article with that content by rewording it through robotic methods, the information becomes less valuable— less human. By 2010, Google caught on to the cunning marketing method and began to penalize the culprits.

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Goodbye Spun Content

Quality is at the top of the priority list when it comes to online content. And thank goodness. How much better is it to read a well-written, grammatically correct, unique article? Today, spun content lowers search engine rankings— could appear as nonsense, and can ruin reputations and drive business away. Not to mention, when keyword placement and phrasing becomes unnatural, your credibility wanes and the Google algorithms might just pull the website from their rankings completely.

  • Be sure to research your audience to create original ideas that ignite interest in their brand or service. As the competition grows, it’s more important than ever to keep varied content fresh.

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The Human Element

Quality content takes structure and substance that all begins with a core strategy. Guess who is at that core? Hip people. It takes research and talent to target audiences and lure them to exploring your brand, then capturing their loyalty and, in turn, creating social media ambassadors for your brand. Hip people are people who know what it takes through market research and humanity, to create successful, readable, content that’s not over-saturated with useless information.

  • When creating your various marketing campaigns, keep your audience in mind. How long will they sit in front of your newsletter or blog before they lose interest?


People need different types of stimulation to learn. And really, we are all visual learners to some extent. So, it’s increasingly important to mix it up! Get creative with words, subjects, information and infographics— the newest trend in rich, visual marketing. It has light content in readable sentences or statements set to visual data and images. With a catchy title, diversity of stats, links to social media embedded codes and clean, concise creative text, your brand’s visibility can skyrocket.

Bio: Holly Beavers Holly has worked in marketing for the past 10 years and is an SEO wizard. She specializes in running successful Google Adword campaigns and offers tips and suggestions for Adword users in her monthly newsletter. Editorial Staff Editorial Staff

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