INFOGRAPHIC: Time Management Hurdles in the Modern Workplace

69% of people waste time every day at work (Tweet This Stat)

Whether you own a budding small business, run a busy HR department, or manage a distracted sales team, it’s no surprise to you that the office is saturated with distraction. From social media sites to unnecessary meetings, the modern workplace is full of distractions keeping us from completing our tasks.┬áTake a look at our Time Management Infographic and find out which office hurdles are major interferences and what you can do to achieve company-wide productivity.

time management info

Time management skills are hard to develop, but with insight into major employee distractions, your small business can address the obstacles hindering productivity and do something about it today.

Ashtyn Douglas

Ashtyn Douglas

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Ashtyn Douglas is a Social Media Team member and B2B marketing content writer at Media, Inc. Her favorite B2B topics include social media, mobile marketing, sales optimization techniques, and content creation.

Ashtyn studied Business and Psychology at the University of California, San Diego developing her passions for research and writing. She went on to pursue work in Ad Operations and Social Media for both small and medium-sized businesses. When she doesn’t have her nose in a book or computer screen, you can find her surfing.

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